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  1. Re: accueil (furniture)

    Thank you, and thank you to everyone for your input. Unfortunately I can't give a more detailed quote for the accueil en fibres mélangées (confidentiality), but it sounds weird to me too. I used...
  2. accueil (matelas, coussin, canapé...)

    This document mentions accueil relating to both a sofa and a bed. For the bed, they are using it to talk about the degree of softness (e.g. Accueil : moelleux) and for the sofa it is in sentences...
  3. Re: What's the past form of the verb 하다 ?

    Both are technically correct, but you'll only ever see 하였다 in rather formal writing. 했다 is far, far more common in any other context.
  4. jerarquia explicativa

    "Explanatory hierarchy?" Or something else?

    It's used in a linguistic context.
  5. Re: 한국어 공부 갈 길이 뭡니다?

    Ah... thanks. You're right. I thought 뭡니다 was weird given that it clearly ended with ㅂ니다 and not 입니까.
  6. 한국어 공부 갈 길이 뭡니다?


    I'm trying to do a translation and I'm not quite sure what this phrase means (or if 갈 길이 is what I actually heard... but it sounds like that). How would you guys translate this? I was...
  7. Re: Avoiding Us-repeation

    I think the best option would be, "Our teacher discussed and helped us understand a scientific lesson." I don't think I personally would use the term, "made us understand".
  8. Re: "sensible of the frailties of your sex"

    Yes, that's what it means. Aware of, and having some consideration for the girls' weaknesses.
  9. Re: Language level: fluent vs command

    Fluent sounds better than saying you have an excellent command; to me, "fluent" means you speak almost as a native speaker, but having an "excellent command" means you do it well, but not as well as...
  10. in forum English Only

    Thread: nibbled away

    by Lizara

    Re: nibbled away

    No, it sounds okay. Actually, "not a nibble" sounds more quaint, to my ears, than "nibbled away".
  11. Re: The Human-being + its or his?

    Alternately, you could translate it in the plural: "Humans are about to be caught up by their most basic requirements." That, to me, would sound better.

    I don't quite like the phrase "caught up...
  12. Re: Pendant/Depuis

    For the first one, you should say "I played guitar for four years". Putting it in the past tense implies that you're no longer doing it. If you want, you could clarify afterwards that you're no...
  13. Re: Real Decreto

    Your translation sounds good to me.
  14. Re: considered to be / considered as

    #1 would be best. I'd change #3 to say, "It is considered by the executive staff to be an essential modification". Your original sentence about the ancient church sounds fine to me.
  15. Re: Sleepy voice

    Merci beaucoup!
  16. Sleepy voice

    Comment se traduit le mot "sleepy" dans ce contexte? Quand vous appellez à quelqu'un très tôt, et vous le réveille par hasard, et il répond au téléphone et parle très lentement et vous savez par sa...
  17. in forum English Only

    Thread: engendered

    by Lizara

    Re: he new Humanist spirit and the Renaissance it engendered spread north

    Yes, this is correct.
  18. in forum English Only

    Thread: catch up

    by Lizara

    Re: catch up

    It means they haven't talked in a long time and no longer know what's going on in each other's life, so they have to "catch up": each person will find out what's happened to the other during the time...
  19. Re: we yearn/ yearn for

    Yeah, "wealth of ideas" is better. yearn for/long for are interchangeable, I think, so you can use whichever one sounds better to you.
  20. Re: that

    I'm not quite confident enough to translate it to French... I'm guessing that, "jusqu'à ce que" is more what you're looking for, but I could be wrong... but I can tell you that the expression means...
  21. Re: Kyoo wa atsui desu ka?

    今日 kyoo (or kyou) = today
    は wa = subject marker (note: this letter is actually "ha", not "wa", but it gets pronounced as "wa" on this one occasion. Go figure.)
    暑い atsui = hot
    です desu = is
    か ka =...
  22. Re: rose + doux

    I think it would be, "If this rose-coloured handkerchief is so old, it's because an old rose is sweeter." Could you possibly mean softer instead of sweeter? That would make more sense to me.
  23. Re: Qu'en penses-tu?

    "What do you think of that?" or "What do you think about that?" Or you could just say, "What do you think?" In that case, the "en" doesn't really need to be translated; the idea is implied by the...
  24. Re: entrust

    I think in that context you'd have to say, "She has been entrusted with bringing..."
  25. in forum English Only

    Thread: need / need to

    by Lizara

    Re: need / need to

    "I need my friends' time..."
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