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  1. Carta de Remessa Bancária

    Boa tarde, todos.

    Queria saber qual é a tradução inglesa ou chinesa da frase Carta de Remessa nos assuntos bancários e comerciais?
  2. Re: todos os esforços são poucos

    I think she means "there is a long way" and "we have to do anything possible" in saying "todos os esforços são poucos".
  3. Re: 下跪 or 跪下

    Actually, there is few difference between them. Both have the meaning of "to keenl down". But 下跪 refers more to the ACTION itself than another.
  4. Re: Budgeted person

    First of all, you have to say 《我正在打(字)我的中文履历》 instead of 《我正在打字我的履力用中文》。A regular ordem in China Mainland used, my suggestion.The word budget is a complicated word with meanings, especially in...
Results 1 to 4 of 4