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  1. Re: around the house

    Another way would be "donner un coup de main à la maison" (give a helping hand).
  2. Re: EN: the Vietnam War / the Second World War / WWII - article

    C'est simplement parce que WWI et WWII n'abrègent pas "First World War" et "Second World War", mais plus précisément "World War I" et "World War II", n'est-ce pas ? On n'utilise pas l'article quand...
  3. Re: Just/Right

    "It's right in front of you." :)
  4. Re: Tu brûles!

    "You're dying to [faire qqch]"?
  5. Re: harbour feelings

    My attempt would be:
    "Il a confessé qu'il nourrait des sentiments (d'amour) pour elle."

    "Harbour" veut dire qu'il cachait ses véritables sentiments avant la confession (il est le port, les...
  6. Re: porter notre dépassement au travers de l'intérêt général

    I would say: "The State, which is supposed to involve our self-sacrifice in the name of the public interest..."
  7. Re: exhibits and disclosure officer

    I don't know the French terminology but in English it is the person who makes decisions regarding the disclosure of evidence (exhibits). See here:
  8. Re: mettre de la feutrine sous les pieds de votre lit

    Ah, but maybe they really just want to hear your French accent...
  9. Re: mettre de la feutrine sous les pieds de votre lit

    Generally you just say "felt" (a piece of felt, a sheet of felt). And as I say there is a specific product ("felt pads"/"floor protectors"), that have adhesive on one side and are usually sold in DIY...
  10. Re: the wheels were going

    Your translation works, but the original English does not actually seem very natural. It looks like it is, itself, a translation (or perhaps Mubarak's bad English?). I think most people would say...
  11. Re: mettre de la feutrine sous les pieds de votre lit

    I would ask for "felt pads" or "floor protectors" to put under "the leg of the bed", though with your original description ("a little piece of felt that you stick under the leg of the bed") they will...
Results 1 to 11 of 11