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  1. Re: righter / more right

    Thanks, it's been really helpful.
  2. righter / more right

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a bit confused with this situation: a friend of mine is buying cigarretes, the sales person doesn't understand which ones, and she's pointing randomly at almost every one of...
  3. in forum English Only

    Thread: Sub-trade

    by Aleessa

    Re: Sub-trade

    Oh, it was so long ago. Yes, the document was about the construction business.
  4. Re: hair color or color hair

    I see, thanks anyway:-) It's more or less clear now.
  5. Re: hair color or color hair

    Can you explain this with any grammar rule?
  6. hair color or color hair

    Hello everyone,

    can you please help? Which form of the question is correct and sounds more natural:

    - What color hair do you have?
    - What hair color do you have?

    I think both are...
  7. Re: "How do you like" question and answers to it

    Yes, I guess so. Thank you.
  8. "How do you like" question and answers to it

    Hello everyone,

    Can I ask someone "How do you like traveling?" meaning means of transport, for example:

    -How do you like traveling?
    -I like traveling by bus/by plane etc.

    Or do we ONLY...
  9. Re: yes, it is / no, it's not

    Thanks a lot, Demiurg and Sokol, you've been really helpful!
  10. yes, it is / no, it's not

    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to translate a couple of phrases from the web-training from English into German. As far as I understand in the English variant they aim at showing students how to give...
  11. Re: Труба зовёт!

    Yes, that's very funny:D Thanks a lot!
  12. Re: Труба зовёт!

    Yes, you are right, she didn't. But her voice and eyes expression said "I'm going on a date":-)
    Anyway I got your point, and thanks a lot for examples. I believe if someone doesn't want to explain...
  13. Re: Труба зовёт!

    Above I have given an example, where this phrase was used. One of my groupmates had to leave earlier, so she said "Труба зовёт -- я сегодня раньше ухожу". I wonder how to say the same in English,...
  14. Re: Труба зовёт!

    Yes, I see:-)))...I was just wondering, if someone in this forum may have heard or knows the idiom in English that is close to the Russian one...
    Anyone..? :-)
  15. Re: Труба зовёт!

    One of my groupmates said: "Труба зовёт -- я сегодня раньше ухожу". All the others, being very enthusiastic about learning English, wondered how to say the same in English ;-). I tried to find a...
  16. Труба зовёт!

    Всем добрый вечер!

    Подскажите, пожалуйста, как лучше передать на английский язык данное выражение: «Труба зовёт!» :)
    Ничего лучше "It's high time..." в голову не приходит:confused:

  17. Re: sequence of tenses

    Thank you, Thomas Tompion. I see it now:-)
  18. sequence of tenses

    Hello everyone,

    I know that this aspect has been discussed more than once. And still I'd like to ask for advice. Somehow it feels, that 'would' in the sentence below is out of place, I'd rather...
  19. Re: Take your time

    Wow! I am surprised that it is correct;-)
    Thanks a lot!
  20. Take your time

    Hello everyone,

    please help me to translate a phrase.
    Context: my colleague wrote me an e-mail, that he didn't have enough time to finish a task yesterday. I'd like to say something nice as he's...
  21. Re: needn't in reported speech

    Thank you for your answers, it is more clear now:-)
    This is what I have understood:
    1) needn't is used as a modal verb here, which exists only in the present;
    2) the invitation is most likely in...
  22. needn't in reported speech

    Hello everyone,

    can you please tell me why my variant is wrong:

    Task: rewrite these sentences in reported speech

    "You needn't write to accept the invitation," my friends said. -> My friends...
  23. Re: frightened and terrified

    Thank you very much! Now it is clear:-)
  24. frightened and terrified

    Hello everyone,

    I've been doing some test to get prepared for the exam. One of the tasks is error correction. There is one sentence where i didn't manage to find the error, and I really don't...
  25. Re: return drücken

    Thanks a lot, Abba.
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