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  1. Re: prendre un enfant pour le sien

    Merci pour ses trois reponses excellentes.
  2. prendre un enfant pour le sien

    This is the last line in Yves Duteil's song Prendre un enfant par la main.
    I undertand that there is some ambiguity here, but what does it mean ambiguously.
    Does it mean "Take a child for the...
  3. Re: des antiseches

    Thank you for this thorough answer to my question. How fun to get so much detail. Ellen Green
  4. des antisèches

    antiseches a word used in an email sent from a Frenchman. He is talking about an advertisement that he wishes to
    have photocopied.

  5. Re: enfant doué

    I looked up 'enfant doué' and was surprised to find 'enfant terrible.' Apparently 'surdoué' is the definition for 'gifted.
    What do you think?
  6. enfant doué

    In English one means by "gifted child" a child who is exceptionally intelligent, but in French?
  7. Re: hurlé-je

    This comes from a short story published in Bien Dire magazine. The excerpt is "-Un succès total.hurlé-je à mon tour.
    -cela va être difficile.tenté-je d'expliquer....". You answered the question...
  8. hurlé-je

    Came across in Bien Dire magazine in la Nouvelle category
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