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  1. How to say "Table 2-3" ?

    Hi guys, should I pronounce "Table 2-3" as "table two hyphen three"?
  2. Re: What is a "帖儿" and "帖法"?

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    Thread: doing that

    by AVim

    doing that

    Hi, what does the 'doing' mean in this sentence? Can I omit it by saying "What is that going to cost us?" without changing the meaning? Thanks.
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    Thread: a very little time

    by AVim

    Re: a very little time

    Hi Cesar77, since "A very long time" is a very popular saying, I think the "a little time" is fine.
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    Thread: ex'to'say

    by AVim


    Hi guys, I heard it from the TV series First Ware:
    A woman says:"When they did it to me, it was ex'to'say. They filled my mind with all these naughty thoughts..."

    What is "ex'to'say"?
  6. What does "the lights" refer to?

    Hi there, the following quoted from the lyrics of "What if she's an angel":

    What does the lights refer to here? Does it refer to the traffic lights?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Thread: is replaces?

    by AVim

    Re: is replaces?

    Here are the words I quoted from.

    Thank you very much for your quick response, owl.
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    Thread: is replaces?

    by AVim

    is replaces?

    Hi guys, here's a sentence from Longman Dictionary:

    It sounds a bit odd to me, does it mean "... which is a kind of liquid that replaces chemicals in the body..."
    How about using "is...
  9. Re: 伺候隔些时就接去住

    我还是很困惑,想问大家一下:“伺候隔些时就接去住” 这句话的主语是谁?谁“伺候”,谁“接”?
  10. Re: 伺候隔些时就接去住

    谢谢,“伺候”我明白了;可是“接去住” 不就是被魏家接过去吗?难道是剑尼自己接自己,还是说“接着”去住?
  11. Re: 伺候隔些时就接去住

  12. Re: 伺候隔些时就接去住

  13. Re: 伺候隔些时就接去住

  14. Re: The water from the spring

    Agree with tepatria.
    The non-specific noun phrase Spring water may refer to any (or all) water from any (or all) springs in this universe, and these water in amount, could be very huge, and that...
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    Thread: 打街霸

    by AVim

    Re: chinese: 打街霸

    In addition, as the Chinese translation of the "Street Fighters" is "街头霸王", we call it "街霸" for short.
  16. Re: 勺子


  17. 有见及始

    "有见及始" 是什么意思?有这个成语吗?还是写错了?
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    Thread: 心宽

    by AVim


  19. What does this "these" refer to

    Hi guys, what does "These" refer to? Can I replace it with "They"?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Thread: assemble a computer

    by AVim

    assemble a computer

    Hi guys, could I say "I could quickly assemble my computer"?
    I mean the computer DIY thing: assembling the processor, video card, motherboard, etc, you know.

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    Thread: at that point

    by AVim

    at that point

    From my textbook:

    Which point does the "at that point" refer to?

    Does it refer to the position where the ship currently stays? Or maybe this phrase just means "in that state/situation"?
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    Thread: village green

    by AVim

    village green

    Hi guys, the sentence I quoted from my textbook is talking about "the sporting spirit"; I have some questions about the "village green":
    1) Does it mean the green grass in a village (like a football...
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    Thread: mere age

    by AVim

    mere age

    Hello, this is a sentence from my textbook. Does "mere age" mean "the old age"?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Thread: mean ambition

    by AVim

    mean ambition

    Hi, I cannot figure out the sense of mean ambition, what kind of ambition is mean?

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    Thread: select by order

    by AVim

    select by order

    Hello guys, assuming there is a list: [1,2,3,4,5, ...].
    If I select 1 at first time, and select 2 at the second time, and select 3 at the third time ... Could I refer to this action as...
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