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  1. Re: Book title

    Right, thank you very much!
    I knew it was about Halabja, but can't read any of the book.
    I know it was written in 1990 and that's when my relative received it; and can't find any information on...
  2. Re: Book title

    Hi, thanks for the welcome :)

    I'm used to the English and French alphabets, so you can understand my confusion (they letters do look very similar!)

    Two words can say all that? But what you've...
  3. Re: Book title

    I'm sorry, I didn't know; a family member told me it was in arabic.
    You can understand my mistake.
  4. Kurdish: ناڵه ی هه‌ڵه‌بجه


    I found a book (in arabic) in a dead relative's belongings, and was wondering if anyone could help translate the title (as far as I can tell the title is only 2 words)
    I know I'm supposed to...
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