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  1. Re: attended/have attended

    thanks a lot :)
    another thing , is it correct to say "Por lo tanto, pensé que no hubiera asistido a suficientes clases para hacer el examen" "therefore I thought I didn't attend enough classes to...
  2. attended/have attended

    How would you say in spanish "I 'm not sure if I attended enough classes? (as in saying I am not sure if I have attended enough classes in order to be able to graduate)

    is it correct to say "no...
  3. Kleiner Mann (in der Zigarilloschachtel, Janosch)

    How would you translate "Kleinen Mann" in english?
    And what does that even mean exactly? :)
    Does it simply mean a regular "little man" or is it something more like a dwarf or something?
    I have to...
  4. Non capisci un cazzo della vita

    Non capisci un :warn:cazzo della vita

    Ciao a tutti,
    come tradurreste questa frase dall'italiano all'inglese?
    Io non l'ho mai sentita, quindi credo che dovrei cercare una frase "corrispondente"...
  5. Re: to be on for something

    what I wanted to say, basically was : "I am definitely available for a skype", and the first thing that came into my mind is to say "I am on for it".
    We don't have an appointment yet, it's just an...
  6. to be on for something

    Hi guys!
    I was writing an e-mail to a friend who asked me if I am available to Skype sometimes or if I am too busy with work, I wanted to reply that I am not overwhelmed by work and that I have...
  7. Re: togliere il fiato vs. togliere il respiro

    literally yes, they're different as someone said togliere il fiato "leave someone out of breath" togliere il respiro "take someone's breath away" but metaphorically speaking they're pretty much the...
  8. Re: Devo riferirgli qualcosa?/Vuole lasciare un messaggio?

    "would you like to leave a message (for him/her/them)" :)
  9. Re: Fermarsi a pensare.....

    I think "maybe it was good to stop and think for a while" can work. :)
  10. in forum English Only

    Thread: Whether/either

    by Molly92

    Re: Whether/either

    Hello Beryl

    So, for exampple let's say someone give me a news and I can't tell if it's good or bad... to say that
    "I don't know if i should feel depressed or relieved by that"
    I could use...
  11. in forum English Only

    Thread: Whether/either

    by Molly92


    I know these two words have already been discussed several times, but looking throughout the forum I didn't find a proper solution to my problem.

    In the following sentences, are "whether" and...
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