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  1. Re: Taiwan too?

    I disagree :p
    to my ears it sounds between heh and hoh and actually closer to heh, also if you write it down in bopomofo it'd be ㄉㄚˋ ㄍㄟ ㄏㄜˋ, not ㄏㄡˋ or ㄏㄛˋ

    but again, I don't speak hokkien, so I...
  2. Re: Taiwan too?

  3. in forum 中文+方言 (Chinese)


    by phill84

    Re: to boil over / 潽

    I have always been using 撲 until I see this thread :p
  4. lee heh in case of greeting one person dah gay...

    lee heh in case of greeting one person
    dah gay heh in case of greeting a bunch of people

    born and raised in Fujian, yet I speak no hokkien :D
  5. Re: 事 - 儿话音 - shi4 vs shir4

    I think even 一會兒 is not used that common as 一下 in the south
  6. Re: Budgeted person

    my guess is that someone wears h&m or jack&jones only and with no stylish hair :D
  7. Re: 你见到他时,代我问好

    It's also used in speaking and your translation is perfect
  8. Re: 经销商/分销商

    I don't know how reliable this wiki is but at least it can (hopefully) shed some...
  9. in forum 中文+方言 (Chinese)

    Thread: 療癒

    by phill84

    Re: 療癒

    it's just a made-up word
    療癒 = (治療/療養)+痊癒

    my impression is that this word is used for spiritual recovery
  10. Re: addressing strangers

    That piece of suggestion was only meant for Youngfun, who apparently is a 帥哥 :D
  11. Re: addressing strangers

    try 帥哥/美女 next time, it's freaking popular in China, though I find it a bit irritating :D
  12. Re: 住宿: Lodging Support Services / Lodging Operations

    how about 住房部?
  13. Re: 文字/ 文本

    maybe I always got away with my Fujian accent which to the ears of most people in the North sounds like Taiwanese accent :D
  14. Re: He has had many jobs.

    I don't think it is really necessary to stress past participle tense here unless there is a sub clause following, simply say 他換過很多份工作 should be sufficient.
  15. Re: 文字/ 文本

    The job title is "威打" (or "女威打" in case of a female) here in NL becoz the majority of Chinese community here speak Cantonese.

    I am from south of China so I never had any problem calling females...
  16. Re: He is bald.

    Personally I'd use 光頭 for shaved head and 禿頭 for bald head
  17. Re: 打铁还需自身硬


    IMO this expression is a bit vague coz 自身 here can be interpreted as blacksmith or hammer
  18. Re: 文字/ 文本

    I call waiter/waitress 先生/小姐/帥哥/美女 depending on age/sex/location

    I am from mainland
  19. Re: 槽糕 和 坏了

  20. Re: 知道 和 认识

    我知道他 = 私は彼を知ってる(たぶん彼が私を知らない)
    我认识他 = 私と彼は知り合い
  21. Re: 文字/ 文本

    honestly, when I hear people calling waiter/waitress 服務員, I feel it is hilarious
  22. Re: hairstyle

    二八開 might be the word that you are looking for
  23. Re: 大蛋糕

    big/huge opportunity?
  24. Re: haircut

  25. Re: 下,下面, 底下

    just to confuse you even more, when 下面 is used as a noun, it can be a slang for crotch :p
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