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  1. Re: Spese di incasso

    Thank you very much for your kind reply Baldpate.
    I think I'll use Payment terms.
    Out of curiosity: why are you surprised if I use e.g. to say "for example"?
    At school I've always been told it's...
  2. Re: Spese di incasso

    The payment term I'm refering to is e.g. the Ri.Ba. (which in English stands for cash order)
    see (a thread on this payment term).
    If the...
  3. Spese di incasso

    Hi everybody,

    I'm translating the single voices of an invoice and I should translate "spese di incasso" from Italian to English; the "spese di incasso" are the expenses that a customer should pay...
  4. Re: Termoformato

    Thank you very much!!
    Very helpful!


    To Dushnyoni: thanks for correcting me; just an info: why sorry instead of excuse me?
    I wrote "excuse me" because it sounded more...
  5. Termoformato

    Hi everybody,

    I know it may sound weird, but can anyone help me translating the words "Termoformato"?
    It is a process to create plastic product.
    Excuse me if I don't write my own translation,...
  6. Re: Raggiungere in automobile

    Very helpful, both your answers! :thumbsup:
  7. Raggiungere in automobile

    How can I say "raggiungere in automobile/treno/aereo una città"?

    Reach by car/train/airplane? (is by correct?)

  8. Re: Mondo del bambino

    Hi Stanfal!

    Thank you for your answer!
    Now I have another doubt: can you please check the following sentences and tell me if they are correct?

    experience in selective distribution
  9. Re: Mondo del bambino

    Now I have another doubt: can you please check the following sentence and tell me if it is correct?

    creativity in children's products (I'm not sure of the 's, because I think: it's not that these...
  10. Re: Mondo del bambino

    Dear TimLa,

    thank you very much for you kind answer.
    I think I'll write: experience in selective's world

    and the word selective will be very clear to the readers of the magazine, there's no...
  11. Re: Mondo del bambino

    The sentence is like a pay off in advertinsing, so it's like a pending sentence.
    In italian, it sounds like this:

    l'esperienza nel mondo del selettivo

    I would translate it like this:

  12. Re: Mondo del bambino

    I'm quite sure about the word selective to refer to perfumeries, because I read it several times, even on english magazines.
    I was wondering about the use of the 's, to say the world of the...
  13. selettivo

    Hi everybody,

    could you please help me translating the following sentences?

    ...and what about the word "selettivo" to express perfumeries and other shops like these (not hypermarket,...
  14. Mondo del bambino

    Hi everybody,

    could you please help me translating the following sentences?

    "la creatività nel mondo del bambino"

    my attempt: "the creativity in the child's world"

    Second question...
  15. Re: Bottiglia del latte

    I made some mistakes because I was in a rush, however thank you very much for the corrections!
  16. Bottiglia del latte

    HI everybody,

    can I translate this words with Milky bottle, unsing Milky instead of Milk.

    Thanks in advance!
  17. Re: Like/As

    Thank you very much for the explanations!
    I understood it perfectly!
  18. Re: Like/As

    this book is perfect as a gift;

    this is what i want to say, but i'm not sure if i have to use as or like.

    thanks! :)
  19. Re: Con cui

    whose is translated with di cui, so you use whose when you want to express that somebody has something, e.g. John, whose father is a friend of mine, is a very nice boy.

    This is my explanation,...
  20. Like/As

    Hello everybody!
    Sometimes I'm not sure which one between As and Like to use;

    for example: perfect as gift or perfect like gift?
    (perfetto come regalo)

    I believe that Perfect as gift is...
  21. Re: Con cui

    Thank you very much for you answer and for your explanation too!
  22. Con cui

    How do you translate the words con cui?

    for example: questo è un pupazzo con cui il bambino può giocare
    This is a toy with which the chilc can play

    I'm not sure of the...
  23. Re: It will be the best holiday ever

    Ever in this context should be translated with mai fatta, but it doens't sound good.
    It is better to translate as Cenerella did: Sarà la più bella vacanza della mia vita, even if also oetzi's...
  24. Re: al pari dei giovani

    non ci avevo proprio pensato..ultimamente sono un pò arrugginita!
    grazie :)
  25. al pari dei giovani


    I have to translate the following sentence:

    I bambini rappresentano una percentuale importante, anche se numericamente inferiore alle precedenti, al pari dei giovani tra i 19 e i 24...
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