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  1. in forum Financial Terms

    Thread: Fraud Unit

    by Shannon1989

    Fraud Unit

    Dear all,

    I would like to ask you about the Spanish equivalent for "Fraud Unit". For more context, it appears in a crime novel set in Edinburgh and I'd like to know the Spanish institution that...
  2. in forum English Only

    Thread: Measurements

    by Shannon1989

    Re: Measurements

    Thank you guys!
    In fact they are Katherine Hepburn's measurementes and I converted them to centimetres (because I'm Spanish) but they were so LOW (or so small) that I thought the webpage was using...
  3. in forum English Only

    Thread: Measurements

    by Shannon1989


    I was looking for some information about an actress and I found this:
    Measurements: 34B-22-33

    Which unit is normally used when talking about measurementes?

  4. Re: Live in a cul de sac

    Thanks a lot :D How quick you are!!

    Anyone could help with the "pop psychology" item?

  5. Live in a cul de sac

    Hello everyone.
    I've found:
    "Live in a cul de sac"
    "Pop psychology"
    in my vocabulary book and I don't know how to translate it into Spanish since I don't know anything about French nor...
  6. Re: achuchon?

    It doesn't have to have sexual connotation. For me, an achuchón is a really big hug with kisses, but of course, it can happen in a couple.
    Anyway you could ask a friend for one!
  7. Re: Valor "psicológico" del pasado perfecto

    Oh no! No te preocupes. Siento si mi post ha parecido defensivo o incluso ofensivo, porque no era mi intención. Mucha gente no sabe cosas de Asturias y como es mi tierra supuse que estaría bien...
  8. Re: Valor "psicológico" del pasado perfecto

    Bueno yo soy una Asturiana y es cierto que en nuestro habla coloquial, los tiempos compuestos no existen.
    Esto ocurre sólo en los lugares en los que se habla amestao, es decir, una mezcla de...
  9. in forum Sólo Español

    Thread: plataforma

    by Shannon1989

    Re: plataforma

    Yo soy española y lo interpretaría como un movimiento reivindicativo, como ya han dicho antes.
    "Una ideología que trataba de despertar..."
  10. Re: Whole lotta history

    Thanks a lot!! You´ve helped me so much!!
  11. Re: US Drinking Age

    In Spain the age is 18, and I think is not so bad. But here we have a lot of problems, because every weekend there are more girls and boys aged 14 and even 12 years old arriving at hospital because...
  12. Re: Whole lotta history

    I'm talking bout a whole lotta history
    I can't find a way to show what you mean to me
    I've fallen all around when you miss me
    I don't know what to do so tell me baby

    Ese es el estribillo,
  13. Spanish people in the U.K

    I´ve been searching for some info about some U.K Universities, because I would love to study there English Literature. In Spain, it isn´t possible :(
    My surprise came when I found myself...
  14. Whole lotta history

    Hi to everyone in here!! I'vefound (in Spanish) an explanation of "whole lotta" but, what does it mean when history is writen after it?
    I read it was like "bastante" in Spanish, but the translation...
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