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  1. Re: microalbuminuria y depuración de creatinina

    Microalbuminuria es la condición (enfermedad) de excretar albúmina por la orina.
    Microalbúmina es la proteína y micro se refiere al tamaño de las partícuals.

    Es posible que sí se usen en las...
  2. adormecimiento, hormigueo, ayunas

    Buenos dias a todos.

    Cómo hago para decir los términos mencionados en inglés?

    Contexto: siento los labios adormecidos
    siento hormigueo en las manos
    para hacer...
  3. Re: hasta cuándo / hasta dónde

    Thanks :)
  4. Re: microalbuminuria y depuración de creatinina

    Thanks so much
  5. microalbuminuria y depuración de creatinina

    Good day everyone.

    Can anyone help me to translate the words:¨microalbuminuria¨ and ¨depuración de creatinina¨tankso spanish?

    Thanks for your help.
  6. hasta cuándo / hasta dónde

    Buenos dias a todos.

    Cómo hago para preguntar: hasta cuándo ó hasta dónde?

    Ejemplo, para decir:

    Hasta cuándo le tengo que seguir pagando?
    Hasta cuándo tengo que esperar?

    Hasta dónde...
  7. Re: sore vs. pain (dolor)

    Cool. I understood perfectly.
  8. sore vs. pain (dolor)

    Good morning everyone.

    What´s the difference between : sore and pain?
    I want to refer to a discomfort that I feel in my muscles, but I don´t know which word to use.

    In Australia, people say :...
  9. Re: Fuck, Fuck off

    Muchas gracias. Entendido perfectamente!
  10. Fuck, Fuck off

    Hello everyone.
    I know that the word to be asked has a rude meaning but I haven´t found any way to find out the difference between:

    Fuck (alone) and fuck off.

    Please forgive me for the word,...
  11. Re: Rooibos

    Muchas gracias por su aporte. Entonces en castellano la pronunciación sería "Roibos" ?
  12. Rooibos

    Hi there.
    Is "Rooibos" the name of any plant? I boght a flavoured tea and one of the flavours is called: Rooibost, but I haven´t been able to find the translation to Spanish.

    Thanks for your help.
  13. Re: No he podido

    La frase que estoy tratando de traducir es: " No he podido encontrar la persona adecuada."

    La explicación de DONCAR me gusta. Pero si hay mas ayudas, son bienvenidas.

    Gracias a ambos.
  14. No he podido

    Buenas tardes a todos.
    Tengo una duda similar a la de mi anterior hilo: "No han habido". No encuentro la manera de decir: "No he podido...".

    Porque para frases como: No he encontrado = I haven´t...
  15. Re: calls for

    Very clear.
    Many thanks!
  16. Re: accountabilities - responsibilities

    Thanks Oldy Nuts. I read it. It´s a very slight difference and for spanish native speakers it´s a little tricky.
  17. Re: ...calls for...

    So, it might have these two meanings, or more, perhaps?
  18. accountabilities - responsibilities

    Good morning.

    Is there any difference between:
    accountabilities - responsibilities

    because, to my aknowledge, they mean the same.

    E.g. : Your key accountabilities and responsibilities will...
  19. calls for

    Good morning.

    I´ve see this expression very often but even when I try to make out the meaning by the context I can´t do it.

    Which would be the closer meaning in spanish?

    E.g. : This quick...
  20. Re: spot - I spot this guy to help me...

    Thank you all.
    Lis48, the thread you addressed was very handy.
  21. spot - I spot this guy to help me...

    Hy everyone.

    I´ve overhearded this expression a lot, especially in the gym: spot someone

    - I spot this guy to help me in this set
    - Spot someone to help you
    - I can´t spot a word right now...
  22. Re: Rumour has it

    Uhm. I see. Very hady this expression.

    Many thanks to all.

  23. Rumour has it

    Hi everyone.
    I found this expression in a song.
    Can anyone tell me what would be te closer translation into spanish?
    Many thanks.
  24. all heads down, burns up...

    Hi everyone.
    I´m reading an article on the sport news. It says:

    "Eddie admits it´s all heads down, burns up at Carlton (this is the name of the team) at the moment."

    I don´t understand the...
  25. Te faltó ....

    Buenas noches a tod@s.

    Quiero decir:

    Te faltó decirme algunas cosas, como por ejemplo las condiciones de pago.

    Mi intento:

    You had left to say to me a few things, for example the payment...
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