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    Thread: "the+noun" usage

    by y5choi

    "the+noun" usage

    Hi everyone. I'm one of many people in this world that grew up with the native language without articles. The concept of articles is very awkward and foreign, so please bear with me on this one.
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    Thread: ask any questions

    by y5choi

    Re: ask any questions

    Sweet, thanks!
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    Thread: ask any questions

    by y5choi

    ask any questions

    Hello everyone,

    I hear people say,

    "Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have" and we all know what that means, but...

    is ANY + question(S) a correct combination? I feel that...
  4. Re: "You" to a younger friend

    I spent most of my life in Korea and I still find pronouns hard... Very difficult to know what and how to call or refer to someone, especially if you don't know the age or how serious of a person it...
  5. Re: Hey David! I need to tell you something.

    I do agree that 제발 is quite harsh in meaning and it does indicate desperation. In all honesty there is no perfect one word translation in Korean for "please" in my humble opinion- have to use the...
  6. Re: health disease & hunger

    Oh okay,

    I think health disease part isn't as bad, but "hungery" is definitely a mistake.

    "Health disease" can be weakly justified as specifying physical diseases, oppose to mental and...
  7. Re: fragile/delicate/sensitive

    To describe a woman, especially, who is not very big and tall, we can say 'petite' or 'small' but most people would say "she is tiny" (or "cute little" for a child). I find that women like being...
  8. Re: health disease & hunger

    To me this is a minor mistake because it's just an incomplete vocabulary knowledge than a grammatical error- the word 'disease' means 'ill health' in its entirety.
    For the hunger part, it really...
  9. Re: Hey David! I need to tell you something.

    The second part suggestion sounds very good, try adding "부탁 해, or 꼭 부탁 해요" -means 'please do so', but also 'I rely on you'.

    For "tell you something", I would not say 이야기 or 얘기 because those...
  10. Re: Nice to meet you- but on the phone?

    say if somebody calls you for the first time (intentionally, by referral) how would you greet him or her? Just say hi? thanks for calling?
  11. Nice to meet you. On the phone?

    I'm a newbie here at the forum. It's nice to find such an encompassing forum on language use.

    Anyway, I've noticed recently that people say "nice to meet you" on email no problem, but is it...
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