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  1. in forum Financial Terms

    Thread: customer wiring

    by Matix

    customer wiring

    How could I translate the term customer wiring?
    It says:
    Taking broker go-to-market to the next level. Retail execution and customer wiring
    Llevar al revendedor del Modelo de Penetración...
  2. in forum Financial Terms

    Thread: re-market

    by Matix


    How would you translate the term re-market in the following context?
    Re-market the XXX business in early 2016; should expect much stronger valuation at that time.
    Volver a comercializar el...
  3. Re: acto recepcional

    I like it, exit exam ceremony, thanks
  4. time of execution

    As a title in a Legal/Financial Contract what would Time of Execution be? I have Tiempo de Ejecución, however, I know legal and financial terms sometimes change a lot.

  5. Challenge Decision

    "Challenge Decision" means a decision, order, judgment or decree of the Arbiter made in respect of any Challenged Disapproval or Challenged Default Claim.

    En este contexto cómo se traduce...
  6. Re: price up and spend back

    Yes, that is exactly the context. Thanks!
  7. Re: price up and spend back

    How would you translate spend back in this context? Or even the whole sentence, I just can't find the write translation.

    Increased trade spend back to 17-18% particularly for WALDOS
  8. Re: Bonificado

    Hola, Y en este caso:
    Y en su caso será bonificado por el vendedor.
    And in this situation it will be ___________by the seller.

    No me suena
  9. in forum Financial Terms

    Thread: bonificada

    by Matix

    Re: bonificada

    Thanks Jcwoos I like it!
  10. in forum Financial Terms

    Thread: bonificada

    by Matix


    In this context, how could I translate bonificada?

    En razón de que la diferencia que surja en el precio del producto vendido y entregado bajo el contrato puede ser en perjuicio o beneficio de los...
  11. vicefiscalía general

    Does anybody know what Vicefiscalía General is in English?
    Fiscalía is District Attorney's Office so, could it be General Vice District Attorney's Office? It doesn't sound right!
  12. Re: sub-tier supplier / subcontract

    Thanks for the observations!
  13. Re: sub-tier supplier / subcontract

    So how would you translate sub-tier in the following paragraph:

    SELLER shall obtain approval form BUYER of any process or sub-tier suppliers' changes, including without limitation any changes in...
  14. Re: Acto recepcional

    What about theses defense ceremony
  15. Re: noise vocoded

    Thanks, excellent link.
  16. noise vocoded

    What does noise vocoded mean when talking about psycholinguistics and sounds, phonemes, etc.
  17. Re: degree sought

    Yo pondría situación académica actual
  18. Re: bases de la convocatoria

    En el contexto educativo cuál es el término que se utiliza para convocatoria?

    Presentar el examen en los términos que señala la convocatoria.
    Taking the exam in the terms established in...
  19. Re: Fraccionamiento (conjunto de casas)

    Thanks it is clear now!
  20. Re: Fraccionamiento (conjunto de casas)

    So, what would be "fraccionamiento" un USA? neighborhood? Complex?
  21. in forum Financial Terms

    Thread: merchanges

    by Matix

    Re: merchanges

    Look at this:

    And I still don't get it!!
  22. in forum Financial Terms

    Thread: merchanges

    by Matix


    In this context, what does merchanges mean?

    Linked number of merchanges in worksheet "4" to rows 9 to 13 in worksheet "2.1a" for calculating hardware costs.

    Número de __________ ligados...
  23. Re: to effect

    Thanks, I guess that's it!
  24. to effect

    I just can't find a translation for to effect in this context. Any ideas?

    Renamed file to effect version number from digits to decimals as used by owner. Latest number is 0.8.1 with last...
  25. Re: superior conocimiento

    Me decidí por,
    For your Further Knowledge
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