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  1. Re: ¿me das un cigarrillo?

    "Mind" is followed by the "ing" form. Would you mind giving/lending me a cigarette?

    Lending means that the cigarette will be returned. So lending sounds a little strange.

    Borrow is the wrong...
  2. Re: not all the time it happens/ it doesn´t happen all the time

    When you begin with the negative like that in English, you very often must use a question form.

    Not all (of) the time DOES it happen.

    Not all the time it happens. INCORRECT
    It happens not...
  3. Re: It will cost you effort + ing / +to

    Well, they both seem grammatical and have to me a slightly different nuance that I can't explain and don't think is worth trying to explain. Well, I'll try: TO STUDY to me shows intent and studying...
  4. Re: neither (the) sex nor (the) age

    My only objection is the definite article "the." I would omit it.

    It depends on neither sex nor age.
    I doesn't depend on either sex or age.

    You are generalizing about sex and age and therefore...
  5. Re: have the intention to/of

    "I have no intention to hurt you" doesn't sound correct to me. I think "of" is the preposition for me followed by the gerund: "I have no intention of hurting you."

    That's strange because with the...
  6. Re: How much longer is it until/for getting to Barcelona?

    Chileno makes a good point. I assumed you were aboard and en route to Barcelona.
  7. Re: came to America

    Item: Mexicans are North Americans in English because in English North America includes Mexico. Therefore, all Americans consider Mexicans Northamericans.

    Item: Americans are very well of what...
  8. Re: How much longer is it until/for getting to Barcelona?

    Turi's is good.
  9. Re: How much longer is it until/for getting to Barcelona?

    Your questions with "getting" aren't really grammatical. You can't say "until getting" or "for getting" here. :(
    Try these instead:

    How much longer is it to Barcelona?
    How much longer is it...
  10. Re: I don't know what's weirder: whether... or...

    mistook :)
  11. Re: Cortando con la tristeza

    Thanks, Freddy.
  12. Cortando con la tristeza.

    There's a song called "Cortando con la tristeza" and I'm not sure I know the idiomatic meaning of the title although I have looked. Is it something like "saying good-bye to sadness?" I have some...
  13. Re: tu amor me puede

    Thanks, Aldonzalorenzo. That's a useful idiom.
  14. tu amor me puede

    I was listening to this song and I take the expression "tu amor me puede" to mean "your love can have me," but I'm not sure if this idiomatic expression means something else.
    Who can help me out?...
  15. Re: What does/do your family do?

    I think the British tend more to use "do" for family than Americans do.
  16. Re: Thug LIfe

    I've never heard it, but I understand it.
  17. Re: am being had (have + pasivo contínuo)

    I think we native speakers occasionally say things like "If I lied to you, I would be being bad..." But everyone kind of laughs. It follows the rules, but....
  18. Re: am being had (have + pasivo contínuo)

    Your sentences conform to grammatical structure, but when you get to those ing forms with being it goes beyond normal usage and doesn't always seem correct.

    I had been being bad, for example, is...
  19. Re: it is a pleasure / is a pleasure

    Well, yes. In that case the subject is understood as HE is understood in "¿Está?"

    I shouldn't have said period.
  20. Re: it is a pleasure / is a pleasure

    Sentences must have a subject in English. Period.
  21. Re: Shall be composed of

    Pay no attention to MS Word's grammar advice. The technology in my opinion isn't there. Besides, they have incorporated the ghastly (my opinion) grammar advice of Strunk an White's book The Elements...
  22. Re: I'm not used to see/seeing you

    Chamyto is exactly right.

    Think of use to and be used to as two different verbs with two different meanings.

    1. use to is always in the past I used to live in Mexico. (but not anymore) I...
  23. Re: the hounds of hell

    I don't know where the numbers are in posts. I don't see any and they seem awfully hard to count. Maybe I'm not seeing something.

    William, you're not being flaky. You're right. It's nothing BUT...
  24. Re: the hounds of hell

    What is #10?
  25. Re: spice as synthetic drug

    You hear "herb" for marijuana sometimes or did way back when. The DUNE reference is known by a lot of people but only applies in the actual novels or the movie.
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