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  1. Re: forget about doing something / forget to do something

    Thx rhitagawr for your explanation.
    This topic is mixed up everytime by people,even english teacher.I like saying I couldnt remamber turning on ins. of I forgot turning on.First one is more...
  2. Re: Eşyaları taşırken kutuyu mutfak balkonuna koymuş olabiliriz

    ok I ask a reasonable question, Why is not that word's root taşır-ken instead of taşım-ken.I think Josh is absouletly right on that isseu mixed up.
  3. Re: Böğa kükreten

    You should know that that is not an idom.It doesnt have a mean figuratively and literally.I just comprehend like that there is two too different words putting alongside.
  4. En kötü ihtimalle

    En kötü ihtimalle çorba içeriz.
    En kötü ihtimalle 2-0 yeneriz.
    En kötü ihtimal ile yarım saat geç katılırız.

    "En kötü ihtimalle" bu ifadeyi nasıl belirtiriz ingilizcede.
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