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  1. Re: Hardest languages to learn

    Someone should’ve started a poll with this because now I’d really like to know which one was considered the hardest from the two hundred and some replies.:confused:
  2. Re: Harasei no urami, Harashimasu.

    Judging by the style of the anime and the way the line was read rather poetically. I think
    harasenu urami harashimasu.
    I shall avenge (your) unavengeable enmity.
    sounds perfect to...
  3. Re: The course is lectured in English. Comments from native speakers please.

    I hear that in school all the time. It may not be accepted as a complete sentence in formal papers (I can’t be absolutely positive) but it's perfectly valid in course catalogs and normal...
  4. Re: Should sperm donors be anonymous

    Ummm... There's plenty of people who do genetic mapping nowadays to avoid genetic defects or abnormalities. If the donor is anonymous how can a woman make sure she's not reproducing at risk? I...
  5. Re: Harasei no urami, Haraishimasu.

    Mucho Gracias, that clears it up so much for me!:D
  6. Re: it's down to you, it's up to you

    I think of “down to you” as there’s no one else who can do the job except that person. It can be as Snowman75 interpreted “a decrease of number” that you’re the only one possible for the job. (AE)
  7. Re: Boobs:informal,rude,vulgar?

    Before I met my boyfriend I find the word extremely vulgar and I would substitute it with chest (not even breasts). Boobs or boobies are slang words used most often by guys (and maybe pornos). Now...
  8. Harasenu urami, Harashimasu.

    I was watching “Jigoku Shoujo” and I grew quite fond of this line:

    Harasei no urami, Haraishimasu.

    I think it means your hatred will be avenged.
    Does anyone know how to write this in...
  9. Re: Mandarin: I am a vegetarian

    My bad.:eek: Thanks for the correction, RaymondMing!
    I am 速食主義者too! I think I've accidentally confused my own philisophy with that of the author.:D
  10. Re: Foreign language learning in massive decline in Britain

    For Chinese and probably many other non-English countries English is a required course for high school and or junior high kids. Many wealthier middle and upper class would even send kids to English...
  11. Re: "honorary" vs. "honourary"

    We say “honor” and “honorary” only in the U.S. “Honour” is seen in certain literatures but not contemporary American literature. “Honourary” must be something your boss read up in some historical...
  12. Re: Chinese: Use of 度

    Not that people don't want to help but maybe there are a limited number of Cantonese speakers here who's able to help. And you could put Chinese-Cantonese on the heading to be more direct. Mandarin...
  13. Re: Mandarin: I am a vegetarian

    Normally in a restaurant setting one would just say “我吃素” or “我是吃素的.” This would make sure that no meat gets on your plate. 速食主義者will sound too formal since people don’t communicate as “I’m a...
  14. Re: What is racism?

    Ha, this is a good one!!:D
  15. Re: Foreign language learning in massive decline in Britain

    That is very true~!!;)
  16. Re: Is it worth the trouble learning Mandarin?

    I can’t explain the entire animosity between mainlander and Taiwanese to you because I’ve left the island when I was very young. I can tell you that I get discriminated and targeted by mainlanders...
  17. Re: Thinking in another language

    I don’t think it’s something you can just learn to do. It just happens when you achieved a certain amount of fluency then it becomes natural. It will happen much quicker if you start at an...
  18. Re: Is it worth the trouble learning Mandarin?

    Growing up knowing both languages I can tell you that Chinese is an extremely difficult language for Europeans to learn (if you’re already an adult). Is it worth the trouble? Well, that depends on...
  19. Re: Foreign language learning in massive decline in Britain

    Has anybody watched Fun with Dick and Jane?
    I think hiring a foreign nanny who's bad at English is a pretty good way to start.:idea:
  20. Re: Translation help for an unknown kanji

    I can't be sure but that word looks a lot like the Chinese word 狼.
    In that case then it’s saying “Kingdom of the Wolves.”
    But I don’t know if that Kanji is really a simplification of that Hanzi狼or...
  21. Re: language learning ?

    I began studying English when I was nine. I enjoy reading in both Chinese and English and I would choose whichever language was the most advantageous for whatever I was doing. For leisure readings...
  22. Re: What is racism?

    I think it’s human nature that makes people stereotype others. We are born to learn and name things all around us. We are by nature curious to find out things and then box them up (classify) as we...
  23. Re: [Insert-nationality-here]-Americans

    Mmmm.... I think that might be it!
  24. Re: Chinese: 事後自得

    Now I'm confused, is the author Japanese or Chinese?
    Even though it’s Hanzi doesn’t mean it’s always Chinese.
    Well, I’m giving my Chinese translation if anybody’s curious.
    The four characters does...
  25. Re: What is racism?

    "Those who assume you’re not really an American just because you’re not from European descent." I can’t stand those people who think they’re in the exclusive club of being American by talking to...
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