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  1. in forum All Languages

    Thread: Finest Quality

    by SimoneW

    Re: All Languages: Finest Quality

    in dutch you would say: topkwaliteit
  2. Re: Dutch: Tips for learning

    I just added a link in the contribution to resources for the dutch language that might be of use.

    And Lizzie, I think it is great you like to learn Dutch and it will be very appreciated in the...
  3. mise à la teinte


    Il y a quelqu'un qui peut expliquer/traduire la phrase "..correspond à un échantillon de mise à la teinte."

    C'est peut-être un échantillon utiliser pour référence, pour la couleur...
  4. Re: Dictionaries

    exactly, so frustrating. and I tried several things and languages --> no way to get it to work.
  5. Re: Dictionaries

    I cannot get it to work either, popup blocker or not.
    And by the way if you don't have your popup blocker working you go crazy with all the popups.
    So I have to agree with linguist: annoying...
  6. Re: German - Dutch - Scandinavian Mutual Intelligibility

    Most Dutch can understand to a certain point German and in that case I mean the so-called high-German. The dialect in the northwestern part of Germany is very close to dutch indeed. You have to get...
  7. Re: Dictionaries

    Wow that is indeed a very nice site.:thumbsup:
    Do you also know of a site that might have eastern European languages (serb, kroatian, bulgarian, romanian) and/or chinese?
  8. Re: Dutch: any Music for learning?

    another duo that has some nice songs is "Acda en de Munnik"

    And I would also highly recommend the CD "Stille Liedjes" of Paul de Leeuw. He's not a terrific good singer but the texts are very...
  9. Re: Question: learning 2 foreign languages simultaneously

    Well, it depends also a little to the level of "high school" you're at. The lower the level of the school the less time you spend on it and the lower your final level will be.
    I think most off the...
  10. Re: Question: learning 2 foreign languages simultaneously

    When you are at the "high school" age in the netherlands you're learning three foreign languages simultaneous; French, German and English. (Some schools even have more languages.)
    It goes without...
  11. Re: common mistakes made by Dutch speakers of German

    Dear All,

    Thanks for all your answers, I've been away for some days so my answer is quite late :) .

    First of all: I seem not to know my own mother tongue anymore:rolleyes:
    Elroy, you're...
  12. Re: common mistakes in German

    Wow, nice to hear:D

    By the way your Dutch was almost perfect:thumbsup: :
  13. common mistakes made by Dutch speakers of German

    I was wondering what are the most common mistakes the Dutch make when speaking German.

    I guess for instance we make a lot of mistakes with the gender of words. But are there other points that you...
  14. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: not at all

    by SimoneW

    Re: not at all

    In italian you would say:
    niente: it's nothing
    di nulla: it's nothing
    figurati: you're welcome

  15. Re: Dutch: "huig-r" or "tongpunt-r"

    OK I see.

    Let me first explain That I'm someone who uses both variants. I usually change from one to the other depending on the persons I talk with. It's fairly easy to do and it happens...
  16. Re: Dutch: "huig-r" or "tongpunt-r"

    Hi Sound shift,

    Welcome and great that you're learning Dutch :cool:

    But lets not make things as complicated as in the two articles mentioned. especially "this discussion" I'm Dutch and...
  17. Re: Chinese: pinyin or characters

    Thanks for the answers.:D

    I know now what to do. I will start the very first basic with some punyin to get a bit the feeling for the language and start as fast as possible with the characters. ...
  18. Re: Dutch: zoals de waard is...

    thanks for the help:)
  19. Re: Chinese: pinyin or characters

    thanks for the reply!
    Makes good sense:thumbsup:
  20. Learning tips: Pinyin or characters for beginners

    Dear All,

    I'm starting to learn Chinese (Mandarin to be more exact). I have no special need for it to learn, I just like a challenge. :D
    But I doubt how to start learning it. Whether to start...
  21. Poll: Re: How many languages do you know?

    dutch:mother tongue
    English: fluent
    French: fluent
    Italian: fluent
    German: very good

    Spanish: because of the Italian can understand this quite well.
  22. Dutch: zoals de waard is...

    Hi everyone,

    How would you translate the dutch proverb "zoals de waard is, vertrouwt hij zijn gasten"?

    thanks in advance.
  23. Re: Dutch terms in air-conditioning

    First of all, welcome!

    But a difficult question, I don't know exactly but maybe I can send you in the right direction;)
    inblaasrooster: inlet grate (anyhow the point where the air gets into the...
  24. Re: Dutch: kiss you

    Ciao Alberto,

    exactly right!
  25. Re: I need help making a decision

    Hi Eric,

    Any additional language is an asset. So if you like learning a language you must certainly do it. But don't give up learning one language if you like to learn others. You can easily...
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