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  1. Re: save the date invite

    Vi vorrei ringraziare per il vosto risposta, anche se e troppo tardi. Mi avete davvero aiutato.
  2. save the date invite

    Hi everyone,
    I am mailing "Save the Date" magnets to Italy for a wedding. How are they called in Italian since many family members don't read English and may mistaken them for the formal...
  3. Re: accattare

    thank you so much. now I get it.
  4. accattare

    Hi everyone,

    Does "accattare" mean "To Buy" I am not sure and perhaps I am not spelling it correctly, but I coudn't find it in the dictionary.

    Thanks In Advance

  5. Re: beautiful summer

    Ciao e tutti,

    You wouldn't have to use a relative pronoun?

    " Spero che tu abbia una bella/splendida estate"

  6. Re: Ti trovo benissimo/a

    Thank you all for your help.
  7. You look great this evening

    Ciao tutto,

    Non sono sicuro se questa frase è corretta.

    Ti trovo benissima stasera! = You look great this evning!

    è più meglio da usare: tu sembri bella stasera!

    Grazie in...
  8. Re: If I knew you wanted to come

    Thanks again!
  9. Re: get the hell out of my face

    This is my try but wait for a native

    Ma vattene dinanzi L'occhi!
  10. Thanks Paul and a happy new year! Avi ...

    Thanks Paul and a happy new year!


    It is interesting how we are tought not to use pronouns as we always do in English, so one can sound more native, yet they are used many times. For...
  11. If I knew you wanted to come

    Could you help me with this frase please:

    If I knew that you wanted to come with us, I would have taken you, but you didn't say anything to us. Here is my try....

    Se sapevo che volevi venire...
  12. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: Mesh contours

    by avico21

    Re: Mesh contours

    Somthing of a "fishing net" like stracture that is pores in contrary to a solid "non pores" stracture.
  13. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: sei andato

    by avico21

    Re: sei andato

    Cavillous, grazie per la risposta e le informazioni

  14. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: sei andato

    by avico21

    Re: sei andato

    Yes, around Foggia.

    Thanks for your help!

  15. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: sei andato

    by avico21

    sei andato

    I just need to confirm since I don't know on the net of any dialect dictionary a' sciutu = sei andato in the Puglia dialect?
  16. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: kick it

    by avico21

    Re: kick it

    It sounds to me "You should kick of... this bad habit, smoking, drug use, etc"
  17. Re: Si è rotta il ginocchio

    I wrote in Italian because, I did not know how to spell it… in the dialect. It was used as if she has done something new for the first time, but I am totally not sure. Thanks for clarifying it for...
  18. Si è rotta il ginocchio

    I have heard this sentence said in the Puglia native dialect, "... si è rotta il ginocchio." The literal translation, I belive, she has broke her knee. However, this was used more as of an...
  19. Re: conoscersi vs incontrarsi

    Thanks Murphy for the welcome note and the quick answer!!!

  20. conoscersi vs incontrarsi

    Is it correct to use the reflexive verb conosersi when asking a couple when they met each other for the first time, or one should use the verb incontrarsi?

    Thank You In Advance!

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