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  1. it smells like bodies in here

    hi everybody!
    cosa significa???non credo nulla sui morti..
    what does it mean???
  2. in forum Português (Portuguese)

    Thread: vovô

    by rebbe


    what does 'vovo' mean? is it Portuguese?? I think it's a person...
    I would like to give thanks to my vovo Lisa. (????)
  3. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: one-trick pony

    by rebbe

    one-trick pony

    what's the meaning of "one-trick pony"? is it about marketing? how can I translate it in Italian? thanks;)
  4. chuvinhao

    I don't undestand a word in Portouguese..what does "chuvinhao" mean?
  5. Re: turn in the spitfire

    it's not in a's in a song...
    It's so much easier to stay down there guaranteeing you're cool
    Than sit up here exposing myself trying to break through
    Than to burn in the spotlight...
  6. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: Endearment terms

    by rebbe

    Re: honey,baby,sweetheart...

    "cara" and "dolce" are the only things you can say in Italian. They're perfect!
  7. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: DiVirgilio

    by rebbe

    Re: Who am I?

    "Virgilio" comes from vireo (Latin) and it means "to be verdant, to turn green"..
    Virgilio was also an important poem writer that was born in 70 B.C...he wrote the "Eneide"..
  8. turn in the spitfire

    turn in the spitfire..???what does it mean?
  9. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: play hard ball

    by rebbe

    Re: what does "to play hard ball" mean?cosa significa "play hard ball"?

    thank U!!!!I don't know how to thank U, it was really important...THANKS!
  10. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: play hard ball

    by rebbe

    play hard ball

    what does "to play hard ball" mean? cosa significa "play hard ball"?
    can someone help me??...please..
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