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  1. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: Troia

    by Campeon

    Re: Troia

    Grazie mille Dani! Buona giornata!
  2. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: Troia

    by Campeon


    Ciao tutti!

    Sempre mi ho chiesto perche questa parola che e' il nome di una citta' e' anche una parolaccia. Qualcuno di voi mi potrebbe speigare questo? Come posso fare per distinguire l'una...
  3. Forma y fondo

    Hi everyone!

    Could anyone help me with the translation of this terms?

    My try: Shape and content.

    These terms are very common in literature and in philosophy. (If this could help you)
  4. Re: La unión hace la fuerza

    That was very fast! Great! Thanks a lot!
  5. Re: A otro perro con ese hueso

    It depends on the context, but the idea would be:

    I'm not a fool (naive), go tell that to someone else.
  6. Re: hijole

    HI Dash!

    I haven't heard this in years, even though I used to say that expression very often when I was a child.

    Just take it as a very nice and polite euphemism that some Southamericans use,...
  7. La unión hace la fuerza

    Hi everyone!

    I would like to translate this common Spanish saying:

    “La unión hace la fuerza”

    My try: The union makes the force (¿?)

    Thanks a lot in advance!
  8. Re: 'bleed the company dry'

    That was very quick! Awesome! Thanks a lot!
  9. bleed the company dry

    Hi everyone,
    Could anyone please help with the translation in Italian of: 'bleed the company dry'

    Here is the context:

    Rob Yong, the managing director of Dusk Till Dawn Ltd, called it an...
  10. Re: Fuga de capitales

    Muy bien. Muchas gracias. Lo buscaba desde ayer.
  11. Re: a patto che

    an agreement in which ...
    but I think this is not the right forum. Go to the Italian-English. This is Spanish-English
  12. Re: Fuga de capitales

    Please could anyone help me??
  13. Fuga de capitales

    Hi everyone!

    Could anyone help me with the translation of fuga de capitales? This is when bankers, investors, or common people suddenly transfer their investments to other territories because...
  14. Re: viaje al pasado

    Me gusta esta ùltima! Gracias
  15. Re: viaje al pasado

    Gracias a ambos
  16. viaje al pasado

    Hi everyone!

    How would you say 'es un libro que nos brinda un viaje de 50
    años hacia el pasado' in English ?

    My try: a book that offers us a 50-year back-to-the-past journey...(??)
  17. Re: keep a backup/ reserva?

    To cover oneself?
  18. Re: los años cincuenta 50

    Lovely! Thank you!
  19. Re: keep a backup/ reserva?

    Tener un plan B, una segunda opciòn
  20. los años cincuenta 50

    Hi everyone!
    Could anyone please help me with the translation of this sentence: una pelìcula enmarcada en la América de los años cincuenta"
    My try: a film set on the 50's America.

    Thanks in...
  21. Re: diferenciable

    Contexto por favor
  22. Re: esperan por una justicia eficiente...

    Citizens who are still waiting for an efficient, accurate, and impartial justice system.

    SOlo un intento!
  23. Re: there should have been

    Your THERE BE form is translated into Spanish as haber (denota existencia, presencia). So the translation should be: deberìa haber habido un control màs estricto en el aeropuerto. Although people...
  24. Re: Ligón


    mira esto:
  25. Re: Primaria Acelerada de Adultos

    Para dar entender que el programa es ràpido y a la vez ser claro y muy exacto (como se suele ser en inglés), yo pondrìa el tiempo del curso de esta manera: a fast 2-year adult education program. No...
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