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  1. Re: Thou art or You Are?

    The other three quotations seem to be a version of the Bible, a story from a pulp-fiction magazine, and a poem. All of those might have reasons to use "old-fashioned" language as well.
  2. Re: the odd glass of wine my dinner

    There are two possible meanings of "had" with "at my dinner." There is only one possible meaning of "had" with "with my dinner."
    That is a large difference in itself.
  3. Re: A few shots were taken using different angles.

    The original sentence is correct if you are using "angles" to refer to types of photographs which are distinguished by the position of the camera such as "high-angle shot," "bird's eye view," etc.
  4. Re: the odd glass of wine my dinner

    The difference is quite large.
    I had the professor with my dinner. I ate him last night.
    I had the professor at my dinner. He attended my special event which was 5 years ago.
  5. in forum English Only

    Thread: ferris wheel ride

    by Myridon

    Re: ferris wheel ride

    It needs to be "a Ferris wheel" or "the Ferris wheel" depending on context.
    "get" would mean "obtain" which makes no sense.
    When that is fixed, 2, 3, and 4 are okay for me. I prefer 2 and 3 over 4.
  6. in forum English Only

    Thread: Misuse of adverbs

    by Myridon

    Re: Misuse of adverbs

    In the sentence, "muscled" can be read a past participle used as an adjective. The man was well-muscled. The man was hugely muscled. The man was brutally muscled. It says something about the way...
  7. Re: the odd glass of wine my dinner

    There are two possible meanings of "had" there. Regardless of the meaning of "had", the sentence doesn't mean the same thing as "I had a glass of wine with my dinner." because "with my dinner" and...
  8. Re: she was outraged ... his parents

    "Childhood acquaintance" = "someone (a human being) that she knew when she was a child"
  9. Re: Isotope signatures differ for

    That is grammatically correct, but has a very different meaning from what the speaker means.
    Intended: The isotope signature of rainforest plants is different from the isotope signature of open...
  10. Re: the odd glass of wine my dinner

    No. It seems to mean that a glass of wine attended an event which was a dinner party held by you or in your honor.
    I had a glass of wine at dinner. (at dinner time)
  11. Re: Rather than __on a crowded bus

    Of the choices given, C is correct. I think your alternative is also okay. There may be others.
  12. Re: being myself hors de combat

    It is a French term that is used in English. It's even in the Word Reference dictionary:
  13. Re: laughs and lashing of the ultra-violent

    Good for laughs
    Good for lashing of the ultra-violent
    "Ultra-violence" is a term coined by the author in this book.
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    Thread: Irish South Side

    by Myridon

    Re: Irish South Side

    It's the south side of Boston, Massachusetts.
  15. Re: A compound sentence with where or /when clause

    This context is helpful. The nest is at the top of the cliff. They are not trying to get to the parents' "home" nor do the parents prepare food for them.
  16. Re: to provide his cover

    Billy did not do anything wrong. The police put Billy in prison to spy on people in the prison. Billy is under cover. Billy's cover is the cover story that explains why Billy is in jail. The...
  17. Re: to provide his cover

    This section of the book is about the move The Departed. (It would help if we didn't have to figure out the context from clues.)
    Billy did not do anything wrong. The police put him there to spy on...
  18. Re: A compound sentence with where or /when clause

    Birds hatch from eggs. The mother doesn't give birth so baby birds aren't given birth to. How did the egg get to the top of the cliff?
  19. Re: wooden shakes on the roof

    From on "shake" as a noun:
  20. Re: "Drive truck" paradigm

    Rather than just taking my reply apart, perhaps someone would like to apply themselves to the original post. ;)
    (There might be some difference between what truck drivers say to people in the...
  21. Re: "Drive truck" paradigm

    You haven't given "I build house." as an example so I don't think "I drive truck." follows from your pattern.
    "I drive trucks." is what a truck driver would say. "I drive a truck." is also common.
  22. Re: I went to that zoo before.

    I've been to that zoo (before). is also correct in AE. The "Have you ever been to France?"-type "have been" is not a case that differs.
  23. Re: A.B.C. from top to toe

    The punctuation of your example works against your argument based on punctuation. (This author has also not written A.B.C.) Any particular writer might have an unusual style.
  24. Re: Cut my knee on a fence

    In my experience, people do not make this technical distinction in speech. They say I cut my knee, I broke my leg, etc.
  25. Re: She tasted a break and I can't get more

    "She tasted strawberries." means that whatever was in her mouth tasted like strawberries.
    "Her mouth/tongue tasted strawberries." would mean the same, but you can't taste things with your lips.
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