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  1. scolaire


    How would you say in English "Elle n'est pas très scolaire". This means that she doesn't like studying at school.

    I have found the word 'bookish', but it doesn't seem quite right..
  2. in forum Nederlands (Dutch)

    Thread: eigenzinnig

    by sanne78

    Re: eigenzinnig


    Hij is eigenzinnig / eigenwijs.= Il n'en fait qu'à sa tête.
  3. Re: compter un cours


    Thanks for all the suggestions.
  4. Re: compter un cours


    @Itisi: thanks for your reply. However, the trainees don't owe us anything. They are not involved at all in the financial side of things.
    They just know that they have (for instance) 20...
  5. Re: compter un cours

    I usually write "I will 'count' your lesson", because I cannot think of a better way of saying it... :o
  6. compter un cours

    "les annulations doivent être faites au plus tard la veille avant midi, sinon le cours est compté."

    I am a teacher (for adults) and when a lesson has been arranged, and the trainee wants to...
  7. Re: Not only do we have ..., but ..also...

    No, you don't need to. It is only necessary if the sentence starts with 'not only'.

    I think you shouldn't put "do" after "but also"...
  8. Re: "My bad" (English)

    I don't know what you call recent, but according to some people it was used as early as the 1960s.

    "..I can assure you that kids in rural Kentucky where I grew up in the mid-1960s used 'my bad'...
  9. Re: Remis en question

    "in vraag stellen" wordt in Nederland niet gebruikt; en blijkbaar is het zelfs in België een omstreden uitdrukking:

    "L'euro est remis en...
  10. Re: Procurement Manager

    Keith, thank you for your answer.

    I've found this as well:

    Doesn't really make...
  11. Re: Procurement Manager

    I have an additional question.

    If you translate "Procurement Manager" as "directeur d'achats", what is then the difference between a "Procurement Manager" and a "Purchase Manager"? Both can be...
  12. Re: to ace the case interview

    I found this sentence in a magazine article last month:

    "How to ace a job interview".

    In French this could be:

    "Comment de passer un entretien d'embauche sans problèmes"

  13. Re: Thursday works best

    Je hebt vast gelijk ! :o
    Ik zal het verbeteren...
  14. in forum Nederlands (Dutch)

    Thread: Dirtbag

    by sanne78

    Re: Dirtbag

    'vuilaard' en 'vuilerik' worden in NL niet gebruikt (voor zover ik weet natuurlijk).
    We zouden hier 'viezerik' of 'viezerd' gebruiken.

    Hier ook 'viezerik'.
    Ik gebruik 'vuilak' niet, ik...
  15. Re: Thursday works best

    Donderdag komt mij het beste uit. En jou?
  16. in forum Nederlands (Dutch)

    Thread: MBO+/HBO

    by sanne78

    Re: MBO+/HBO

    Not exactly!

    On the picture (see link) you can see the Dutch education system:
  17. Re: Are English irregular verbs becoming a thing of the past?

    I have noticed that verbs like to dream and to learn seem to have become regular.

    I have always said: to dream -dreamt - dreamt and to learn - learnt -learnt, and was therefore very surprised to...
  18. Re: "Lots of" / "a lot of" in Negative sentences

    OK. Thanks a lot. :) That's all I wanted to know.

    And just taking advantage of your kindness ;): is this OK too? "I haven't got lots of books."
  19. Re: "Lots of" / "a lot of" in Negative sentences

    Thank you, but I went through most of these topics and I couldn't find what I was looking for. ;)

    The reason I'm asking my question is that I was teaching the subject of "many" "much" "a lot of"...
  20. "Lots of" / "a lot of" in Negative sentences

    Good Evening.

    I wonder if these are natural sounding sentences:

    I don't have a lot of money.

    I don't have lots of money.

    I don't have a lot of books.
  21. Re: whirlpool / hot tub

    Additional question:

    can you say "There is a whirlpool in the hotelroom" or would you have to say " a whirlpool bath" ?

  22. Re: country vs. countryside

    If you google "home in the countryside" or "go to the countryside", you'll get plenty of hits:


    "...every child must change some urban habits in order to feel at home in the...
  23. Re: country vs. countryside

    Thank you for you answer.

    Could there be a difference between British and American English?
    I have the impression that "countryside" is quite common in Britain...
  24. country vs. countryside

    Is there a difference between these two words?

    Countryside is used to describe the landscape?
    The Cotswolds countryside is beautiful. ?

    Country is used to describe rural areas (our of town)?...
  25. in forum Nederlands (Dutch)

    Thread: daarbovenop

    by sanne78

    Re: daarbovenop

    Als een apart woord?

    Ik vind "daarboven", maar niet "daarbovenop"...

    Mijn uitgave is wat ouder denk ik (elfde uitgave, 1984), maar ik kan me toch niet voorstellen dat het een nieuw woord is...
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