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  1. Re: "América" es más que los EE.UU.

    Hi Cuchuflete, here we go again, hehehe. Just one last thing.

    <<Why do native Spanish speakers consistently disagree about the name of their own language? English consistently calls the language...
  2. Re: "América" es más que los EE.UU.

    Originally Posted by Pedro y La Torre
    <<If you're speaking Spanish, that's fine. However in Western Europe and all English speaking countries there is no such thing as America the continent.>>
  3. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    <<I don't understand your point about "ambiguous nonsense." Could you
    explain it?>>

    Ok, let's see if I understand you, you say the adjective 'American' is not
    exclusive for the U.S., your...
  4. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    <<The statement "I am an American" (referring to me) is unambiguously false in any context because it just cannot mean (for me) "I am of the Americas," which is true for me.>>

    I think that is...
  5. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    <<To repeat a point which you don't seem to have grasped yet, it is not that people in the U.S. consider that American applies only to them, and not to other inhabitants of the Americas, but that...
  6. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    Well, it seems we are landing at last.

    <<It does indeed make America in the United States of America a linguistic living fossil, if America in that name is taken to refer to the "continent of...
  7. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    <<Se podría decir lo mismo sobre cualquier país o territorio que se haya dividido de una manera similar... East Germany/West Germany, por ejemplo. Pero en esos casos la gente ya se conocía como...
  8. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    A real story:

    Korea, like America, commenced as one. Later, like America, it was divided into two parts: the north and the south and both parts were called the Koreas, like the Americas. And...
  9. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    <<No, in the sense of "of the Americas," because American has been used in that sense since after the concept of one continent was dropped.>>

    Probably by you but not by us who still use the...
  10. Re: "Neutral Spanish"

    <<It is the rule. I think more than 80% pronounce it all the time, and most
    of the ones who don't have no problem doing it when they are asked to.>>

    I meant a rule in the sense of the totality....
  11. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    <<The adjective American continues to be used in some circumstances in the sense "of the Americas.">>

    No, in the sense of 'America' not 'Americas'. Otherwise "Americanses" would be more accurate...
  12. Re: "Neutral Spanish"

    <<Ah, if that's what you mean by "neutral", then my opinion is that there is no
    "neutral" Spanish. Because of pronounciation,>>

    All that you have said have sense but precisely I think that's the...
  13. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    Dont' worry cuchuflete.

    I'll not comment on the same points one more time since I think I've repeated them over and over. So let's go to the main point for the last...
  14. Re: "Neutral Spanish"

    <<When I watch a telenovela I recognize easily if it comes from Mexico because of the very recognizable >>

    Correct, that's what I meant when I said that although sometimes
    the Mexican inside...
  15. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    My conclusions:

    It seems that when somebody in the US decided to separate the continent didn't
    think in how to match the original terms with the new concept. The result was hard
    to handle and...
  16. Re: "Neutral Spanish"

    An example is better than a long explanation. Just see Mexican telenovelas.
    Most of them show a highly neutral Spanish, I mean, without any easily recognizable
    accent and pronouncing the words...
  17. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    <<No. What you have there is a clash of conventions, a trademark and the
    generic use of a trademark. This involves potential ambiguity, not

    Then to say 'Pizza Hat' instead of...
  18. Re: Gringo

    In Costa Rica gringo is not a disparaging term and it's used to refer exclusively to US people. Gringos must not feel offended by it no matter the way that somebody could use the term. Many countries...
  19. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    <<But convention is exactly how language works. It is utter nonsense to speak of a convention being inaccurate: It is the very fact that it is a convention which prevents any possibility of its being...
  20. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    Perfect:thumbsup: , and "Estoy sorprendida *de* que mis profesores no me *corrigieran* is valid as well.
  21. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    <<So I'm guessing the safest thing to do when speaking in Spanish would be to call myself "estadounidense"?>>

    Safety doesn't have nothing to do, you only would be more accurate linguistically.
  22. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    <<I'm not being sarcastic in my observations, or in wishing you luck. I _am_being a little facetious when I wish you luck in changing something unchangeable.>>

    Probably not but just a few years...
  23. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    Fenixpollo, I go back to the first question I made to you, are you being sarcastic or something or simply you are passionate ?

    Whatever, I don't resent anything, I don't think anybody 'hijacked'...
  24. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    <<Modern general dictionaries are put together using linguistic principles. While it is possible for such dictionaries to have inaccurate definitions of some obscure slang and dialectal usages, and...
  25. Re: Americanos o estadounidenses?

    Tsoman wrote:
    <<If americans have to stop being americans, then latinos should stop being latinos, since it is offensive and arrogant
    to the people of ancient rome.>>

    People from the U.S. have...
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