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  1. Re: capital de comarca

    Another possibility is "the county seat", though that might be too American and may not be understood in other English-speaking countries.
  2. Re: consolidarse como

    I'm not sure that the use of "reference" is correct. It's a very tempting translation, but I think "leader" or "benchmark" or "standard" is a better translation.
  3. Re: impugnación de créditos

    If no other suggestions come in I'll make one of those work. Thanks neenag
  4. impugnación de créditos

    This is one of the services offered by a legal firm, so there's no more context. I don't know whether "créditos" refers to loans or credit, and I really have no idea what to do with "impugnación"....
  5. Re: derechos de acceso, rectificación, cancelación y oposición

    Yo no diría que "siempre se dice así", no solo porque el enlace que das ya no sirva, sino porque no hay un término equivalente en inglés. Pero de todas formas, los primeros tres no dan problema, pero...
  6. Re: grupo de acompañamiento

    Seis años después, pero es "backup band".
  7. Re: categorias deportivas

    just use an age range or the abbreviation U for "under", so alevín would U12, for example.
  8. Re: caluroso, friolero

    How about simply "to get hot/cold easily" for caluroso/friolero?
    To me "cold-natured" would describe someone's personality (as someone who's unfeeling or insensitive), and not their sensitivity to...
  9. Re: optimizar su web en buscadores

    Actually when talking about software, in BrE they use "program" too, not "programme".
  10. Re: atención sociosanitaria

    "Sociosanitary attention"?? Um, no. First of all, "sanitary" in English generally deals with cleanliness and things like sewers and bathrooms. And "attention" does not mean "care". So I don't know...
  11. Re: Crear escuela

    For future reference, another option could be "to lead the way".
  12. Re: economía asistencial

    I think a general adjective equivalent of "asistencial" in English is "care-oriented".
  13. Re: Parafarmacia

    the problem with "drugstore" is that drugstores have a licensed pharmacist, meaning they can dispense prescription drugs, which a "parafarmacia" cannot. The problem with "parapharmacy" is that it...
  14. Re: media dieta, dieta completa

    the EU translates "media dieta" as "1/2 daily allowance".
  15. Re: matemáticas y conocimiento del medio

    I would disagree with using "social sciences" for "conocimiento del medio", which is a basic science course (a little bit of chemistry, biology, astronomy, etc.). I would simply refer to it as...
  16. entradas y salidas en un inventorio/almacén

    In a text I'm translating, they call materials entered into an inventory system "entradas" and when the material is used, it's called a "salida". Anybody know the equivalent inventory control terms...
  17. Re: estacion pasante

    For future reference, "terminus" and "through stations" are the two types.
  18. Re: aprovisionamientos [es-es=>en-gb]

    For future reference, I would say "procurement". Sounds much better on a balance sheet than "supplies/supplying".
  19. Re: Secretaría General Técnica

    I've come across the term "Chief Administrative Office", which sounds much more natural than the typical translation. Does anyone have any serious objections to it?
  20. secretaría general técnica

    The typical translation I've found for this is "General Technical Secretariat", but if you put that term in Google 95% of the sites will be Spanish, where they are translating the name of the...
  21. Re: loosening direction

    "en el sentido de aflojar"
    Lo sé porque así se pone en español en un documento que estoy traduciendo al inglés.
  22. Re: Inmisión

    I don't doubt this word exists, but if you type "Immission values" in Google the vast majority of results are in non-English websites (i.e. sites with country codes where English is not the native...
  23. Re: Agujero Pasante

    yo también creo que sería "through hole", que simplemente significa que el taladro (hole) atraviesa la totalidad de la envergadura del material.
  24. Re: La Dirección Facultativa

    this has nothing to do with a faculty. This is talking about the management at a construction site, so "construction management" or "project management", something along those lines.
  25. Re: En mayor o menor medida

    another possibility: "to varying extents"
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