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  1. Re: Érase una vez, una gata triste (que) vivía

    This conversation seems to have taken a bit of a digression. The answer to the OP is quite simple:

    Una gata triste vivía en el prado is indeed a complete, correct sentence on its own (a sad cat...
  2. Re: viviran o vivirian

    In this context, "vivirán" is ironic; the translation would be "There may be milionaires living in this building, but it's not too classy". It is a fairly common use of the futuro simple:

  3. Re: me traerias o me traera

    O sea, la segunda es más polite y menos exigente. Considera el grado de confianza entre el hablante y el que se va a México. Y como dijo lucas.ez, también depende de dónde sea el hablante. En...
  4. Re: ¿se acabó o se ha acabado?

    It depends on when they ran out of pizza and where is the dialog taking place.
    In Spain they would use p. perfecto if they ran out of pizza today, p. indefinido if longer; and even then it's...
  5. Re: Pardon my french

    Than you so much, people! Wordreference forums are the best! :)
  6. Re: Pardon my french

    Is there any equivalent expression, that maintains the joking/sarcastic tone yet does not reference French? (or any language for that matter). I became curious on reading the phrase used in a text by...
  7. Re: twat

    Sorry if this is a silly or obvious question; does "twat" as in "idiot" apply equaly to men and women? For some reason I can only recall it being used between guys in movies/tv shows I've watched....
  8. calado, calar

    Hola gente,

    no puedo encontrar cómo se dice en portugués "calado" en el sentido de "Agujerear tela, papel, etc., haciendo dibujos." (Lo que en inglés es die-cut)
    Ejemplos de lo que digo:...
  9. Re: separador (supermercado)

    Yeah, I guess the thread that k-in-sc linked reliably established the correct name is "thingy" :p
  10. Re: separador (supermercado)

    Thank you both for your answers and corrections! :)
  11. separador (supermercado)


    ¿alguien sabría decirme cómo se llaman en inglés los palitos/plastiquitos/listones que se usan en la caja el supermercado para separar tu compra de la del próximo cliente? He titulado...
  12. Re: Una limosnita/monedita/ayudita, por favor

    Muchas gracias a todos por los aportes!
  13. Una limosnita/monedita/ayudita, por favor

    Hola a todos,
    Me gustaría saber algunas frases típicas -en inglés- usadas para pedir limosna. Por ejemplo, en castellano suele oírse:
    Una limosnita/monedita/ayudita, por favor/por caridad/por amor...
  14. armario de luna

    Think of an old wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia style), with mirror door(s). Typically, the mirror was either framed in the door or attached to it. This, in Spanish, is called "armario de luna". Is...
  15. Re: popping pills

    Duvija and Tazzler are right. It implies a certain level of abuse in the quantity or quality of pills being taken, legal or not.
    Chutarse pastillas I think applies to Spain only. Empastillarse is...
  16. Re: valor estimado publicitario

    Hola a todos,
    The aforementioned investment will result in an estimated publicity value of $xxxx by the end of the defined period.
  17. Re: El punto antes del signo de interrogación y cómo citar.

    Hola Catdanny,
  18. in forum English Only

    Thread: Bean lard mulch

    by nuri148

    Bean lard mulch

    On Don Hertzfeldt's award-winning short animated film Rejected (you can find it on Youtube), there is a mock advertisement showing a can of "bean lard mulch". I cannot imagine what this is supposed...
  19. Re: swiss army knife

    En Argentina le decimos directamente "victorinox", aunque sea de otra marca
  20. Re: la falda se enreda en los leggings - Tangle, muddle, jam...?

    The OP is very happy and thankful for all the answers!!! :)
  21. Re: la falda se enreda en los leggings - Tangle, muddle, jam...?

    yes, macame, exactly that!

    She is wearing a skirt with a pair of leggings underneath. The skirt fabric kind of sticks to the leggings and makes a bundle between the legs that she has to keep...
  22. la falda se enreda en los leggings

    What English verb would be best to translate the title phrase?

    La falda se le enreda en los leggings
    Her skirt tangles/muddles/jams/your suggestion in her leggings

    Thanks in advance!
  23. Re: Que te recontra

    That's a good one, Prof! :) Actually I think the most widespread use of "que te recontra" nowadays is in jest, when someone says something inintelligible or complicated, the other answers "que te...
  24. Re: regards vs. greetings

    I used to have an English penpal, an alder lady, and she'd almost always begin her letters with "Greetings, Nuria,". Maybe the use of it varies with region and age group.
  25. Re: paga $100 menos que/de

    No está mal, pero me parece una traducción muy literal del inglés. Ideas:

    - $100 de descuento en la compra de una cámara digital.
    - Compra una cámara digital con $100 de descuento sobre el precio...
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