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  1. mine (plural?)

    Me gustaría saber el plural de mine (míos). He encontrado que es "ours" pero no estoy segura.
  2. make five series?!

    hi, I just wanted to tell them that I want them to make more seasons but would this sentence be okay?
    "Make five series of this TV series at least, please, that is one quality TV series you've got...
  3. Re: take to wearing

    Oh, thanks! :)
  4. take to wearing

    I was reading an interview and he said "I have taken to wearing a hoodie, because people avoid you." and my question is the following. What does he mean by saying "to have taken to wearing"?...
  5. ser una enciclopedia sobre

    I don't know how to translate this into English. It basically means that someone knows a lot about a specific topic. I have been thinking about it and I haven't come up with anything because "you're...
  6. will make my day if you'd wish

    I've come across this sentence "it will make my day if you'd wish me a happy birthday" and thought it was kind of awkward because of the grammar structure but as I'm not sure because it may be...
  7. smile for/about

    which one is the correct verb? do you say there's always something to smile for or there's always something to smile about?
    Thanks in advance :)
  8. the same he is to her

    Hello there. I just want to tell a friend of mine this "tú eres para mí lo mismo que él es para ella" (in order to express how much he means to me) Would it be something like this? "you are to me the...
  9. I saw him (on) 13th August (dates)

    Hello! I do know it's silly doubt but can you say "I saw Franz Ferdinand 13th August 2000" or "I saw Franz Ferdinand on August 13th, 2000"? Are both of them acceptable or wrong?!
    Thanks in advance :)
  10. Re: ship in

    thanks to you both :)
  11. ship in

    So, I was reading an interview and came across this phrase "then, I realised some poor girl had been shipped in and was having to drop her drawers." and I don't know what "shipped in" means. This...
  12. as it happens/ as happens

    Hello! So, I'm writing an essay on a poem and I'm a bit lost here because I don't know if it fits or not. On the one hand I think it's ok but, I also think it needs an "it" after [as (it) happens]...
  13. the or none

    well, "I usually read English newspapers cover to cover but lately I don't feel like doing it anymore"
    I was wondering if you have to use the article "the" between "read" and "English newspapers" I...
  14. Re: stress to us

    I think so. So "stress us" means "estresar" and when it comes to "to us" means that this guy is emphasizing the fact that he wants to be left alone. Am I right? Sorry for being such a bother.
  15. Re: going on that mind/going on in

    thanks for clarifying my question and for correcting me, I'm used to writing "kinda" instead of "kind of" >.< and I always write one more "s".
  16. Re: stress to us

    No, it is not from manga but from a fanfic. I thought her English was a little bit weird, though.

    the whole paragraph would be the following:

    'No, you don't know how I feel half of the time,...
  17. going on that mind/going on in

    Hello there! I have come across this phrase ("I know what's going on that big mind of yours") and I was kinda confussed because I think it would be "going on in that big mind of yours" (sé lo que...
  18. Re: stress to us

    Trata sobre una banda que está de tour y simplemente están "You're the one who wants to be on his own while we are on the road. You stressed to us at the beginning of the biggest tour" Si es así, me...
  19. Stress to us

    Tengo una duda, he encontrado esto y se me hace raro verlo así, quiero decir el "to" nunca lo había visto. ¿es correcto? ¿o también se pueden poner ambas? quiero decir con to y sin to.
  20. Re: smoke at someone

    Unfortunately, no.
  21. smoke at someone

    I remember seeing this phrase a few days ago and I didn't know what it meant. I looked for it everywhere but didn't find anything so I thought it could be slang. what do you think?
  22. Re: lying on

    vale entonces ¿"lying on" siempre tiene significado de estar tumbado en?
  23. Re: lying on

    ¡Eso pensaba yo! Pero entonces para decir mentir en algo ¿qué pronombre se tiene que poner?
  24. lying on

    ¡Hola! Tengo una duda, he encontrado una conversación en la que una persona decía a otra "you may be lying" y la otra contestó "lying on what, exactly" y mi pregunta en la siguiente con el verbo...
  25. work with/to

    so I was writing something and I'm not sure which one is correct?

    "I completely love these kind of songs because their beat is something awesomely amazing to work with"

    "I completely love these...
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