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  1. Algerian: Allah ghaleb

    Hi all and specifically those who know/speak the Algerian dialect. I've heard this phrase used before but not sure what it's exact meaning is or the context it's used in.
  2. Algerian Arabic: Active participle

    To Algerian speakers, does darija use the ism faa3il as much as the other dialects (for example the masri dialect). So for example how would you say 'I wanted to ask you about...' Would you say...
  3. Algerian: بلي

    I'd like to know exactly when 'بلي' is used in a sentence. Is it used whenever 'that' is used so fro example:
    'I know that you wanted to go'
    'I heard that that was the case'
    'It's sad...
  4. All dialects/MSA: to be devilish/ satanic

    Hi all,
    I wanted to know if Arabic has a verb that essentially means to be devislish or to act in a satanic way. Dialects as well as modern standard Arabic are most welcome.
  5. سمالله

    Hi all,
    Id like to know what this phrase means. I've gathered from certain contexts that it is said to girls particularly in the in wedding contexts. All dialects appreciated if it differs.
  6. بالله عليك

    Hi all,
    I hear this phrase being expressed by most dialects but have always wanted to know it's specific meaning and usages? Is it always negative?
    Shukran kilkum
  7. Syrian Arabic: balla shu

    Hello all,
    Just would like to know what the exact meaning of this phrase is in Syrian 'bAllah sho'? What's the context in which it is used also?
    Many thanks.
  8. Syrian Arabic: To wake someone

    Hello I'd like to know how this verb is conjugated in the normal forms (I , you, you (F) etc) and also the Active participle of this verb.
    Many Thanks
  9. Re: Syrian Arabic: ما أساس

    so there is a ما before it but with 3 just before اساس? and is this used in general in situations when you assumed something but it is in fact the opposite?
  10. Re: t2bor(ny) Syrian

    Very interesting, thank you again
  11. Re: t2bor(ny) Syrian

    Shukran Ayed! When said does it have a positive, good meaning?
  12. Syrian Arabic: t2bor(ny) تقبرني

    Hi all,
    Just heard this verb in a Syrian drama and was wondering what it actually means?
  13. Syrian Arabic: عأساس/ على أساس

    Hi all,
    I just want to know what this phrase means exactly, for example:
    ما أساس ما في حدا هون
  14. Algerian Arabic: زعما

    Hi all.

    I'd like to know the meaning of this word in the Algerian dialect. Is it the same as in maghribi meaning 'whatever'?
    Many thanks
  15. Syrian Arabic: هيك لكان

    هيك لكان
    Hi all,
    Just a quick question in regards to what this phrase means exactly? I can get the general gist of it but a solid translation would be better.
  16. Levantine Arabic: ممكن/ فيني

    Hi all,
    I want to know is there a difference in usage for example:
    ممكن فوت
    فيني فوت
    I know both ممكن and فيني mean 'can I...' but is there a difference between the two when saying in any...
  17. Re: Syrian Arabic: demonstratives

    Is there are real difference between all these demonstratives? for example are هاد and هادا interchangeable?
  18. Re: Levantine Arabic: شي بيجنن

    Perfect thank you Barkoosh!
  19. Re: جنه جنينة Levantine

    Hi Barkoosh and thank you for our prompt reply.
    Thats all I have really, I think I may have spelled it or misheard it wrong. perhaps think of it as maybe as coming from the verb 'جن' to go crazy? ...
  20. Levantine Arabic: شي بيجنن

    I have heard this phrase in songs and muselsels before and Im not sure if its meaning is literal (to go crazy?). Can someone explain to me what it means firstly and what it context is specific to...
  21. Syrian Arabic:لا تواخذيني laa twakhzini

    Hi all,
    I'd like to know what the above expression means in the Syrian dialect? its usually said after someone reprimands another from what Ive seen. Ive written it when it is said to a girl but...
  22. Syrian Arabic: demonstratives

    salam li kul

    Can someone please write for me the main demonstratives in the Syrian dialect and are there specific instances when they are used? for example i hear 'hay' 'hayda' 'haad' etc is this...
  23. Re: بلكي Syrian dialect

    But are there specific instances when بلكي is used instead of 'yimkin'?
  24. Syrian Arabic: بلكي

    I've been watching a muselsel lately and have heard this word a lot 'بلكي ' If I'm hearing right-what exactly does it mean and what is its function?
  25. Re: Palestinian Arabic: I have/ don't have

    haha :) yes I know the Syrian dialect quite well but the Palestinian one is quite different. Thank you for your reply!
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