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  1. Re: Dialect of Catania

    Silvia -

    Lsp was right on with the rule. The noun after "some" is plural in English in cases where "some" could be replaced by "a few". In the original sentance - " if you want to know some...
  2. Re: Will or will not

    Thanks for all of the replies.

    I think this is exactly what I was looking for - a way to convey a refusal to do something to someone. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the way to do this seems to be...
  3. Will or will not

    (I think) I understand the 3 main modal verbs dovere, potere, and volere. Consider the following phrases:

    Non posso andare al mercato.
    Non voglio andare al mercato.
    Non devo andare al mercato. ...
  4. Re: Salto di qualità

    Its a subtle difference, but it sounds like you're trying to convey the message that the player has the potential to play better, just hasn't reached it yet. This is slightly different than simply...
  5. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: ma Vs però

    by ChrisM

    Re: La differenza fra ma e però

    Grazie, Uinni, per il link e per i correzioni.

    Così "ma" e "però" sono lo stesso, tranne si use "però" alla fine di una frase come "though" in inglese. Interesante. Ho tanto imperare.
  6. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: ma Vs però

    by ChrisM

    La differenza fra ma e però

    Mi scusi se questa domanda è banale o aveva chiesto di prima. Ho cercando, ma ho trovato niente.

    Che cosa la differenza fra "ma" e "però"? Diciamo in inglese "but" per tutto e due. Uso sempre...
  7. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: Partenza

    by ChrisM

    Re: Translation/Question

    Here is my limited understanding:

    When you say "I'm going to Rome", I assume you mean as a statment of something you are going to do in the future, which would be Andrò a Roma, and not something...
  8. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: Amid

    by ChrisM

    Re: Amid

    Not sure what the exact Italian translation is, but in current usage "amid" is most like "in the middle of" or "surrounded by"

    "In the middle of the horrors of the Nazi death camps, some people...
  9. Re: Italian Word Definitions

    ergere - to raise
  10. forme di cortesia: tu - lei - voi - loro

    (Appologies in advance for my horrible Italian)

    Capito nel'italiano sono due metodi parlare a un'altra persona: in modo formale (Come sta Lei), ed informale (Come stai).

    Leggo libri aiutare...
  11. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: Nonna

    by ChrisM

    Re: I'm going to be a Grandma !Need help with Name.

    Grandmothers in my wife's family (including my mother in law) have always been nanna (nah-nah) - her family is from Calabria. Not sure if its a dialect of Calebrese or Little Italy in Baltimore,...
  12. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: bidello

    by ChrisM

    Re: bidello

    Anche potrebbe provare "custodian".
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