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  1. Re: old-blooded idiocy

    Thanks Hildy!
  2. Re: ne biri bilin, ne beşi

    Hi sufler,

    That sentence should read as "Ne biri bilirsin, ne beşi." The whole riddle is written in dialect, that's why the conjugations are not standard. So the sentence is indeed indicative, not...
  3. old-blooded idiocy

    "All the more did the affairs of the great world interest her, when communicated in the letters of highborn relations: [...] the fine old-blooded idiocy of young Lord Tapir, and the furious gouty...
  4. Üçüncü çoğul şahıs fiil çekim ekleri sıralaması


    Uzun zamandır aklımı karıştıran bir şey var. Baktığım kaynaklara göre fiil çekimi, fiil kökü + haber/dilek kipi + şahıs eki şeklinde oluyor. Ama bu birden fazla haber ya da dilek kipi...
  5. Re: a commentator rampant

    Thank you very much! I totally missed the mockery there! Especially coming from Mrs Cadwallader, it makes sense now!
  6. a commentator rampant

    Hi, this is from the novel Middlemarch by George Eliot:

    "As to his blood, I suppose the family quarterings are three cuttle-fish sable, and a commentator rampant."

    I know "rampant" is a...
  7. Re: cat's cradle

    I'm not good at explaining grammar but let's try: "It was a game (oyundu) which I used to play / played (oynadığım)" So "oyundu" because it's in the past (I don't know why you would think it should...
  8. cat's cradle

    Benim de küçükken oynadığım bir oyundu ama adını bilmiyorum / hatırlayamıyorum maalesef. Yardımcı olursanız sevinirim. Teşkkürler.
  9. Re: takıcak mısın/takacak mısın?

    Çok teşekkürler!
  10. takıcak mısın/takacak mısın?


    Hangisi doğru acaba (yazı dilinde)? "Takıcak mısın" bana daha doğru gibi geliyor, "takacak mısın" sanki konuşma ağzı gibi. Ama google da "takacak mısın" daha fazla sonuç veriyor. Emin...
  11. Re: a necklace that would lie down and hang

    Thanks. So maybe on a level with your collarbone, or just below?

    Edit: Ah ok, seen the pictures, many thanks!
  12. Re: a necklace that would lie down and hang

    Oh ok, it's Middlemarch by George Eliot.
  13. Re: understatement

    A modern phrase could be "hafif kaçmak", though I realize it is not a similar wording. Like, "To say Johhny is naughty is an understatement" = "Johnny'nin yaramaz olduğunu söylemek hafif kaçar."
  14. a necklace that would lie down and hang

    This is from a Victorian novel. Two sisters are dividing up the jewellery left to them by their dead mother and one of them takes a necklace which the other sister also likes saying, "it would be a...
  15. Re: She dipped her chin at the crew

    "çenesini eğdi" doğru olmalı. "crew" den kastettiği kimlerse onlara beden dilliyle verdiği bir karşılık olabilir. Bağlamdan biraz daha bahsedersen daha iyi olabilir.
  16. Re: When barbers have nothing to do, they cut each other’s hair.

    I asked my parents and they both confirmed that they had heard of the saying, though apparently it's not a very common one - I for one have never heard of it and haven't been able to find it in...
  17. Re: When barbers have nothing to do, they cut each other’s hair.

    No, I don't think it is. Can you use the idiom in context? Although I understand the meaning, I can't think of an equivalent idiom. More context might trigger ideas.
  18. Re: Haydi biraz yürüyüş yapalım, açılırız.

    I'd translate it as "refreshing" here : Let's take a walk, it'll be refreshing. "açılmak" usually means "to feel better". Another phrase would be "kendine gelmek".
  19. Re: The thin end of the wedge

    I'd like to add that the TDK (Türk Dİl Kurumu) dictionary defines the phrase "çıbanın başını koparmak" as "ağır bir sorunun patlak vermesine yol açmak" (
    So it refers to...
  20. Re: Le comparant et le comparé ?

    comparant: vehicle
    comparé: tenor

    Source: The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms, metaphor entry

    I know this answer comes very late but may be it will help others in the future.
  21. Re: the competence of culture

    Thank you, it actually makes more sense for me now!
  22. Re: the competence of culture

    Thank you for your input owlman5. Well, this is the second sentence in the article and the rest of it doesn't realy say that Sicilly is doing great. (I am not saying this to undermine your...
  23. the competence of culture


    "As an autonomous region, Sicilly is entrusted with the competence of culture, enjoying complete freedom for the definition and implementation of its cultural policy."

    The sentence is...
  24. Re: faire une partie substantielle

    Merci Dom29. La contexte est un peu compliqué. J'écris une lettre de motivation pour les études. je passerai le premier semestre du master en Ecosse ou je déciderai le théme du mon mémoire. Je dois...
  25. Re: faire une partie substantielle

    Oh thank you but actually I meant the French sentence. So how does "Celui-ci fait une partie substantielle de mon mémoire finale" sound?
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