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  1. n'etait pas encore connue


    I'm translating a letter from le Comptable du Tresor about our taxe d'habitation (council tax). It says 'votre taxe d'habitation n'etait pas encore connue au 31.10.08'.

    Does this mean...
  2. Re: Avis á tiers détenteur

    That is such a great help! Thanks for clearing it up!! :)
  3. Avis á tiers détenteur

    Can anyone explain what an 'avis á tiers détenteur' is please?
  4. Re: llaves

    thanks granaino!
  5. Re: llaves

    lol, any ideas why that would have anything to do with buying a mobile?

  6. llaves

    Hola a todos!

    Can anyone tell me what 'llaves' are? It is to do with mobile phone charges:

    El Presidente solicita el pago de 25 euros por gastos en llamadas + 2 euros en gasto de llaves para...
  7. Re: acuerdo a tomar sobre reclamacion judicial

    Sorry, it is a title of a section of minutes form a meeting about works carried out in an apartment complex.
  8. reclamación judicial

    Hola a todos!

    Does anyone know what the following sentence would translate as into English?

    'Acuerdo a tomar reclamacion judicial por obras realizadas en duplex'

  9. Re: Fécula y almidón

    Muchas gracias biomouse!
  10. Re: Fécula y almidón

    gracias, do you think that they could both be translated as 'cornflour', or 'cornstarch', in the USA?
  11. Fécula y almidón


    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between fécula and almidón please? I am translating recipes. I know that they both mean starch, but what would we use in English?

  12. Re: a courtyard garden

    I am writing a letter to a French estate agency and am looking for an apartment with a courtyard garden
  13. a courtyard garden


    Can anyone tell me what 'a courtyard garden' is in French?

  14. Re: to work hard

    Thanks, but why use 'on a' rather than 'nous avons'? Does it sound more idiomatic? Is it more formal?
  15. to work hard


    How do I say 'we have worked hard' in French please, eg we have worked hard over the last year?

    My suggestion: 'nous avons travaillé rudement"

  16. grill del horno


    What is a 'grill del horno' in English?

  17. Marinería


    Does anyone know how to say this in English?

  18. en continua alternancia


    Does anyone have any idea how to say this idiomatically in English?

    Playas y acantilados en continua alternancia

  19. Recipe for meatballs


    I'm translating a recipe for meatballs... can anyone tell me what the red part means?Do you put the whole mixture into lukewarm water?

    Se combina esto con Ia came picada y Ia sobrasada...
  20. Re: embutido

    Gracias, Argonida! That would make sense.
  21. Re: embutido

    Thanks Carzante, but hasn't the morcilla and sobrasada already been fried? Do you then lightly fry it again mixed with the tomatoes?
  22. Re: embutido

    hmm, that had crossed my mind but then what would the stuffing be? All the other ingredients are used elsewhere in the recipe and it seems to come out as a big platter, similar to a paella, so I...
  23. embutido


    I'm translating a recipe and I am not sure about the following extract. Its a recipe for Revoltillo de arroz. If I have already diced the sobrasada sausage and the morcilla/black pudding...
  24. Re: caldo

    great, thanks!
  25. caldo

    Hi, I'm translating a recipe for 'caldo' and I don't understand the following; can anyone help? I get that it is chilled in the freezer, but this is after the broth has been heated in the oven. So,...
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