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  1. Re: plano sonoro

    Plano sonoro means the layer is which sound is positioned in space, dynamics, etc. It can be in the foreground, background, panned, etc.
    Do you know a proper translation in English? Could it be...
  2. Re: La final aún está por celebrar.

    OK perfect! Thank you very much!
  3. La final aún está por celebrar.

    Hi. I want to say, about a music contest, that the final has not been celebrated yet. Is it correct to say "final still to be hold"? The sentence is:
    Finalists with band "Pi graos" (final still to...
  4. Re: Autocontrol en radio

    Perfect! Thank you very much!
  5. Autocontrol en radio

    I would like to know how do say "autocontrol de radio" or "Programa autocontrolado", meaning a radio show in which you are the host and control the mixer at the same time.

  6. Re: Desesperarse - No desesperes

    Perfect. Thank you very much!
  7. Re: Desesperarse - No desesperes

    Me gusta esa. La que he propuesto, "Don't get desperated", ¿es incorrecta?
  8. Re: Desesperarse - No desesperes

    It's the title of a short movie. It's something like don't lose your hope, we can do it.
  9. Re: Galego: Disque vai vir hoxe

    "Disque" efectivamente se utiliza como "parece ser", "dicen que".. etc. Y se utiliza habitualmente. Por lo tanto:

    es correcto
  10. Desesperarse - No desesperes

    I would like to translate the following: "No desesperes". My try is "Don't get desperated", but I don't know if that's correct.

  11. Re: Lenguaje musical

    I have been thinking about it and I guess (basic) music theory is the best option.
    I'm sorry spodluke I didn't see your answer before!

  12. Re: ciclo de cine

    I'm interested on this topic, are there more suggestions?
  13. Re: Lenguaje musical

    I'm thinking about it as the name of a subject, where you learn the basics of music. I think that's not the word I'm looking for (I may be wrong)
  14. Lenguaje musical

    Hola. No conozco cual sería la palabra adecuada para "Lenguaje musical", lo que se entiende por los primeros cursos de teoría musical, en los que no aprendes sólo solfeo sino entonación, ritmos,...
  15. Re: Las apariencias engañan

    Bueno, la frase "No es oro todo lo que reluce" es una frase hecha y es correcta en castellano.
  16. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: Nuova da negozio

    by samlj

    Re: Nuova da negozio

    OK that's clear. So I know more or less what I,m going to buy.
  17. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: Nuova da negozio

    by samlj

    Re: Nuova da negozio

    Thanks! That's what I needed
  18. in forum Italian-English

    Thread: Nuova da negozio

    by samlj

    Nuova da negozio

    Nuova da negozio
    I've seen it in an ad on the Internet, about an instrument. What does it mean exactly? I guess it means "New from the shop", but I don't know if this phrase implies that it was used...
  19. Re: A lot of things more vs. more things

    Thanks for your corrections! Everything is clear now.
  20. in forum All Languages

    Thread: I bet everything

    by samlj

    I bet everything

    I would like to translate this piece of script for an subtitling exercise, to as much languages as possible. It's not very long, 20 seconds. Can you help me?
    The English translation is as follows:
  21. Re: Galician: Canda di...

    I go with you.
    It can mean company or simultaneusness, according to the Gran Diccionario Xerais da Lingua
    It says more or less the same here in this online dictionary
  22. Re: lets meet up man!

    Bueno, yo no diría "vamos a quedar". Yo diría, como dice "crises", ¿quedamos? Está claro que en Argentina no se dice, así que jenniqua, ten en cuenta para quién traduces antes de escoger una u otra :)
  23. Re: lets meet up man!

    Completamente de acuerdo
  24. Re: Last day of school

    Oooooh, my last day of school... What a nice memory!
    The thing was that the day after we had to register and pay for the University access exams (yes, we have to pay to do those exams... :( ) and we...
  25. in forum Sólo Español

    Thread: de aquella

    by samlj

    Re: "de aquella"

    Yo creo que es un galleguismo. Nunca lo he oído aparte de en Galicia en lenguaje coloquial. Se puede traducir por "entonces" sin sonar demasiado formal, creo yo.
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