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  1. Late run for glory

    Hi all

    I really hope someone can answer this, hopefully rapidly as I need to use this expression in an email tonight, ideally!!

    I would like to translate the expression 'I am making a late run...
  2. Re: Leave on a high

    That looks like a very good option, thank you, Mauricet!
  3. Leave on a high

    Hello, merry Christmas to all!

    How would I say in french, "to leave on a high"
    Meaning that I will do one last spectacular thing before I leave, which will be memorable and will mean that I leave...
  4. Re: Forces of evil

    Thanks guys!
  5. Forces of evil


    How would I say in French:
    I have triumphed over the forces of evil !!

    In particular, I'm looking to translate the 'forces of evil' bit

    Many thanks in advance, and happy New Year!
  6. Didn't exactly cover himself with glory


    I'd really like to know whether you can translate this expression directly into french such that it makes sense and is funny in the ironic sense with which it's intended.

    Or if not, what...
  7. drift backwards (boat)

    Not sure which translation for backwards to use here:
    I'm in a sailing boat, which is head to wind, and the tide is against me. I want to say that as a result, I was drifting backwards.

  8. Re: Il doit y en avoir une centaine

    Merci beaucoup, ipl_001!
  9. There must be hundreds of them

    I want to say "There must be hundreds of them!"
    Can I say: Il doit y en avoir une centaine!

    My hesitation is about the order of y and en, and whether you can use them both together like this?
  10. Re: idea/possibility on the table

    Ah, but that's so literal! ;)
  11. idea/possibility on the table

    Hi, the figurative expression "I'll put another idea on the table" or "Now to put another possibility on the table, how about doing it on monday instead"

    How would you say this in french, is it a...
  12. Sad and sad-case (sense: loser-ish)

    I keep wanting to use the adjective 'sad' but NOT in the sense of 'triste' (which I do find myself saying but quickly realise that it makes no sense!) --- the sense is 'loser-ish', or 'lame'... for...
  13. Re: Broad shoulders

    C'etait plutot dans le sens physique, mais tous autres sens sont les bienvenus aussi!
  14. Broad shoulders

    Les épaules larges?

    ou quelque suggestion mieux?

  15. à coup de flingues

    I'm afraid I can't remember the sentence or even context of the words "à coup de flingues", my best guess is that it means "shot down in flames", or "shot down by gunfire"... but I'm not sure if it's...
  16. Re: I don't have a sign on my head saying...

    Cool, merci à vous 2!
  17. I don't have a sign on my head saying...

    How could I say this in french in this context, given the millions of different possibilities for the word 'sign'?

    e.g. "I don't have a sign on my head saying "Unemployable" so why can't I seem to...
  18. Je me suis pris par mon derrière

    Hi, don't think this is already on WR but correct me/direct me if I'm wrong:

    Je me suis pris par mon derrière, et ... (j'ai fait qqch)

    In the context (a post on a forum by someone who was...
  19. Re: Scraping the barrel

    Nice, thanks very much Glasguensis, that sounds like what I want!
  20. Re: to give somebody the ball

    While we're at it - what is the french for "giving someone the ball", e.g. in a football match. "Nasri gave Fabregas the ball" - obviously it just means that he passed to him. So do you just say...
  21. Scraping the barrel

    I was sure this phrase would be on here somewhere, apologies if I've missed it...

    Is there a french equivalent for our figurative "Scraping the barrel"? It means (at least in the context that I'm...
  22. Re: sleeping "facing the front"

    People usually say "I sleep on my front" to mean, as you say, on their stomach. Maybe it's a combination of "on my front" and "face down"...
  23. Re: n'est-ce pas parfait?! / isn't that perfect?!

    I actually disagree - if you wrote something like

    "As you can see, I sent this card on Valentine's day from Paris - isn't that perfect?!"

    then I'd say 'that' makes more sense than 'it'. 'That'...
  24. In her twenties

    How could I say (in the context of age):

    1) She is/was in her twenties
    2) I'm in my mid-twenties
    3) early-twenties, late-twenties

    I have an idea for 1), but 2) and 3) are less evident...
  25. Re: Whereas

    If I understand french (which is questionable), par contre means 'but', with the nuance of 'on the other hand', so to me it sounds the closest translation that I can think of for 'whereas', however...
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