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Thread: Where is the bathroom?

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    Re: All languages: Where is the bathroom?

    As well as the other options given previously, in Spanish from Spain we also say:

    ¿Dónde está el aseo?

    ¿Dónde está el water?
    It is vulgar, but very common. Here "water" (pronounced /báter/) means bowl. Only to use in a no formal context.

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    Re: All languages: Where is the bathroom?

    Italian: Dov'e' il bagno? Dove sono le toilettes?
    Slovenian: Kje je WC? or stranišče.
    Croatian: Gde je klozet?

    But I like in USA the"restrooms".

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    Re: All languages: Where is the bathroom?

    In Serbian:
    "Gde je kupatilo?"


    p.s. sorry if smo already posted it!

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    Re: Where is the bathroom?

    In Tagalog: 1.) Saan ba ang Paliguan? In Pilipino: * Saan ang Banyo.? Note that bathroom in Tagalog is "Paliguan", In Pilipino "Banyo". While "C.R." is "Palikuran".
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    Re: Where is the bathroom?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jana337 View Post
    Czech: Kde jsou toalety?

    This is applicable only in a public place like a restaurant. Like UK "Where are the toalets", or the Iberian "servicios" etc.
    Mainly 'cause is asks in plural. If you ask in someone's house, you could ask

    Kde je toaleta (singular), but to me it sounds very formal or posh

    The common colloquial (not to be used in VERY formal situations) expression is:

    KDE JE ZÁCHOD? (Pronounce "Gde ye zaakhot")

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    Re: All languages: Where is the bathroom?

    Quote Originally Posted by vince View Post
    Canadian usages:

    In general we say: "Where are the washrooms?" or "Where is the washroom?" if it's a house

    "Where is the bathroom?" is interchangeable with washroom, but I think might be slightly less formal. We usually don't mean "where one bathes" when we say it unless it is not obvious what is meant.

    "Where are the restrooms?" are for public washrooms.

    In Canada we don't use terms like "loo" or "water closet". I've heard "John" sometimes, as a very informal word.
    Here in Southern California I rarely ever hear anyone call a bathroom a washroom. If I'm at a restaurant I would ask "Where is the restroom?" or more specifically "Where is the men's restroom?" If I was at someone's home I would ask "Where is the bathroom?"
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    Re: All languages: Where is the bathroom?

    Quote Originally Posted by Juri View Post
    Dove sono le toilettes?
    In Rome, the French loanword toilette is singular.

    Dov'è il bagno? / Dove sta il bagno?
    Dov'è la toilette? / Dove sta la toilette?

    "Sta" instead of "è" is common in Central and Southern Italy, but to me "è" sounds somewhat more polite, I usually use "è" when talking with strangers.


    洗手间 is more polite than 厕所, given in previous posts.
    "Ĉokolado". Do you know how to say "chócoleit" in "Espanis"?

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    Re: All languages: Where is the bathroom?

    I told myself that if I cannot learn a lot of languages in my lifetime, I would at least learn 3 important phrases:
    Thank you
    Where is the toilet?

    Japanese: お手洗いはどこですか? (otearai wa doko desuka?)
    トイレはどこですか?(toire wa doko desu ka?)
    I would, of course, start with saying "Sumimasen" (excuse me)

    Just a bit of trivia: there is a made up holiday in Japan called Toilet Day and it falls on November 10. Apparently, it was made up by toilet manufacturers to help promote their products.

    Quote Originally Posted by Agnès E. View Post
    French :

    Où est la salle de bains, s'il-vous-plaît ? (for the bathroom)
    Où sont les toilettes, s'il-vous-plaît ? (for the toilets, in public premises)
    Puis-je utiliser vos toilettes, s'il-vous-plaît ? (for the toilets, in some people's home)
    I have not learned the last one so thanks for this, Agnes!

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    Re: Where is the bathroom?

    Quote Originally Posted by ceann-feachd View Post
    Where is the bathroom? I can't think of many questions more important than that. How do you say it in your language?

    In Gaelic:
    Càit' a bheil an taigh beag?
    Ciao! Direi che c'è un bell'assortimento di espressioni! Spesso sono condizionato dal posto, dalle persone alle quali rivolgo la domanda, e non ultimo dal tipo di '' locale'' che cerco. Ma ora diamo il via alla lista e chi può si turi il naso!

    Dove sono le ritirate? (Mi ci sono affezionato. Mi capita di usarle alla stazione. La frase e le ritirate); Il vespasiano dove lo tieni? (Quando vado in casa di amici); Mi potrebbe gentilmente indicare la strada per le latrine? ( Quando sono in vena di parlare); Dov'è il gabinetto? ( Tipica richiesta di quelli della mia fascia d'età); Dov'è la toeletta? (Rigorosamente quando sono in compagnia della consorte); Dov'è il cesso? ( Quando ho la luna di traverso); Accompagnami all'orinatoio! ( Quando ho alzato troppo il gomito. Detto ad amici); Fammi strada fino al pisciatoio, per favore! ( Richiesta garbatamente rivolta ai soliti amici); Dov'è la buca? ( Non quella delle lettere); Vado al bagno ma poi ritorno eh!( Quando sono a casa); C'è il vasone o c'è la buca alla turca? ( Quando sono in dolorosa apprensione per le emorroidi); Dov'è che ci si può sciacquare le mani? ( Quando voglio fare il sofisticato); Scusi, dove sono i servizi? ( Quando sono in localini schicche) ;Ed altre ancora...
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    Re: Where is the bathroom?


    "Bolehkah saya kekamar kecil?"
    "Adakah kakus untuk saya buang hajat?"
    "Dimana yah WC-Nya?"
    "Apa disini ada toilet?"
    "Dimana tempat buang air disini?"
    "Kamar mandi-Nya boleh saya pinjam?"
    "Bolehkah saya kebelakang?"

    For asking where is the bathroom or the toilet.

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