¡¡Es la bomba!!

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  1. beg Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Hi, is there any equivalent expression? We sometimes say this when something is really great...
    I've found in the WR dictionary that bomba, besides the technical terms, can be referred to as "bombshell", but I'm not sure whether this is appropriate for the meaning I'm trying to express.
    An example: Imagine a new invention which is really innovative, and you say ¡"Guau, es la bomba"!
    Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.
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  2. Masood Senior Member

    Leicester, England
    British English
    Por ejemplo, hablando de una fiesta: ¡Lo pasé bomba!...I had a whale of a time!
  3. beg Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Sí, esa expresión viene en el diccionario, ¿pero si me refiero a una cosa? It's a whale of a (thing)??
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  4. Sandraseijas

    Sandraseijas Senior Member

    Spain Spanish
    Hola, beg, yo he oído lo de "is wicked" y me encanta, no sé si tiene el mismo carácter pero sí parecido. Un saludo.
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  5. beg Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Muchas gracias. Esa la conozco, pero me preguntaba si existe alguna expresión 100% equivalente...
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  6. TraductoraPobleSec

    TraductoraPobleSec Senior Member

    Catalan & Spanish
    A mí me suena "blast" para diversión.

  7. mnewcomb71 Senior Member

    Detroit, MI
    USA - English
    Es la bomba = It's the bomb! An older expression in the US, but apparently re-invented by Randy Jackson from American Idol.
  8. beg Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Sí, pero no busco significado de diversión, sino para cosas..., como cuando algo esta guay y dices "es la bomba".
    No sé, un invento, una discoteca, un vestido... cualquier cosa que te flipe...
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  9. beg Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Is this expression common?
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  10. raimundaflores Senior Member

    "It's the bomb" would be understood by a vast majority, but sounds kind of cheesy to me.
  11. Railway Senior Member

    Hola beg.

    Quizá awesome funcione. It's an awesome dress! It's an awesome disco! It's an awesome....I guess that whatever you want. :)

    Bicos :)
  12. Masood Senior Member

    Leicester, England
    British English
    Could be "It rocks!"
  13. alacant

    alacant Senior Member

    Alicante, Spain
    England, english
    I would say that´s terrific, but I know that younger people in Britain say "that´s wicked!"
  14. Loisdebbielane New Member

    Spain - English
    Well there are loads of things you can say but in English expressions are more related specifically to particular things. e.g. places - you can say "It rocks or it's a really happening place or it's where it's at or it's the place to be". Things, well we still say the old one "it's soooo cool" Clothes well , often we refer to the person more than the clothes. "She looks fantastic or she's really got it going on". We also use cool a lot for clothes. She's got these really cool jeans. Cool is one that you can apply to all. Cool place, car, dress. I hope this helps a little. There are really hundreds of expressions but these are currently used in the UK. America is obviously another story but they also say cool!!!!
  15. Loisdebbielane New Member

    Spain - English
    Wicked is used, by the way, but it's very much street language used buy the very young and I find that if I use these really trendy expressions in the wrong context or with the wrong people then they sounds a little odd. It's a little like saying "Mola mucho" con unas señoras. It would sound odd to them. Also like using bad language, coming from a foreigner, well it doesn't sound right. So the expressions I talked about earlier are safer to use when it's not your first language. When one lives in the country it becomes a little easier to know when certain expressions fit and when they don't but I have to say that it's a life times work. Pues un saludo y que te vaya bien con el inglés. No dudes en ponerte en contacto conmigo, cualquier duda.
  16. JenochOoito Senior Member

    Córdoba, Argentina
    United States, English
    It might sound cool to say "wicked" in the U.K. but IF you are in the U.S. you will look stupid. I use the words "awesome" a lot and "Cool" if I find something interesting.
  17. iheartportugues Senior Member

    ¿Se puede usar esta expresión para referirse a una persona? ¿E.g.: Ella es la bomba (o sea, me cae muy bien)?
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