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à mener en priorité

Discussion in 'French-English Vocabulary / Vocabulaire Français-Anglais' started by superromu, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. i want to say in english:
    l'identification et l'évaluation des risques permet de determiner les objectifs de sécurité ainsi que de definir la priorité des actions à mener.

    i translate it like that :
    The identification and assessment of risks allows the determination of security targets and the definition of actions to be led in priority.

    is it correct ? do it need adjustments ?
  2. fetchezlavache

    fetchezlavache Senior Member

    metz, france
    i would go :

    identification and assessment of risk(s) allow determination of security goals and also definition of actions that are to be let in priority.

    je ne suis pas sûre ...
  3. xanana

    xanana Senior Member

    Kuala Lumpur
    Malaisie (English)
    Mon proposal:

    The identification and assessment of risks enable[1] the determination of security goals as well as the prioritization of measures[2] that needs to be taken.

    [1] Whether you use "allow" or "enable", the conjugation should be without the "s" because two things were listed.
    [2] To tell you the truth, I didn't even know what mener meant until I looked it up. Since your sentence is talking about risks; one usually attempts to "minimize" risks. On one hand; I'm inclined to use "countermeasures". I'm not sure.
  4. Gil Senior Member

    Français, Canada
    The problem I see is that your text reads "definition of actions" instead of "definition of priorities". Using "prioritization" would be one way to go about it.
    How about:
    ...targets and the prioritization of actions to be led.

    I am not sure that "allows" and "to be led" are idiomatic. I'd rather let native speakers comment.
  5. i think fetchez proposal is near of what i would like to say

    edit, i just see Gil post a good sentence too, thanks
  6. Gil Senior Member

    Français, Canada
    Désolé but I rather like Xanana's version. I would shorten the end that way:

    as well as the prioritization of necessary measures[2].
    as well as the prioritization of measures[2] required.
  7. czhellemoone

    czhellemoone Junior Member

    i think this one's better. :)
  8. Amityville

    Amityville Senior Member

    English UK
    "the prioritization of measures that needs to be taken"

    You can take measures but you can"t take prioritization (you just prioritize). so " the prioritization of measures that need to be taken" but Gil has got round that one anyway.
  9. JohninVirginia Senior Member

    USA/ English
    When you translate "les objectifs de sécurité" into "security targets", I read that English term as items that might be targets in need of protection, but...

    could "les objectifs de sécurité" also mean the goals (more of an intangible 'objective') of our security plan?

    So you might say " .. allows us to determine (or set) goals for a (our) security plan..." or "allow us to set security goals.."

    I think they're slightly different. A security target could be something set in the crosshairs of an opponent's rifle, a security goal is something we strive to attain.

    Other opinions?

    John in Virginia
  10. Gil Senior Member

    Français, Canada
    Target can be understood figuratively:

    Figurative use
    we're on target (to meet the deadline)
    nous sommes dans les temps (pour ce qui est du respect des échéances)
    the project is/we're behind target
    le projet a/nous avons pris du retard
    to set oneself a target
    se fixer un but ou un objectif
    Copyright © 2000, Harrap's Multimedia, © 2000, Havas Interactive

    In large organizations, policy people usually set a hiararchy of things that employees should look for: objectives, goals, targets, aims, and the others I forget. It is important then to have definitions of these concepts and consistent translations. As the definitions may vary from country to country, from organization to organization, I am rather indulgent on translations sumbmitted with a minimal context.
  11. RobInAustin Senior Member

    Austin, Texas USA
    US English, French
    l'identification et l'évaluation des risques permet de determiner les objectifs de sécurité ainsi que de definir la priorité des actions à mener.

    The identification and evaluation of the risks will allow for the determination of security objectives, as well as the priortization of the actions to be taken.

    My 2 cents.
  12. thanks a lot everyone

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