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  1. fepsyl Junior Member

    Comment dit-on éco-quartier en anglais ?
  2. gardian

    gardian Senior Member

    English - Ireland
    Eco area ?
  3. fepsyl Junior Member

    thaks for your respond ! Have a nice day
  4. MargauXnx Junior Member

    Morning !
    I'd like to translate the French term "écoquartier", which is both a concept (common name) and a label (official name). What about "ecodistrict" in the UK/USA? Is the use of this word restricted to the label?
    I'm wondering because the word is always written with capital letters : "EcoDistrict".

    Otherwise, I could use "green neighbourhood" but I consider it too restricted (only the environmental part, nothing about the involvement of the community, the inhabitants etc.)

    Thanks in advance !

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