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Βγάζω σκάρτο

Discussion in 'Ελληνικά (Greek)' started by adber010, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. adber010 Senior Member

    Hey again!

    What does this phrase mean:

    βγάζω σκάρτο (κάτι)?

  2. Andrious Senior Member

    Claim to be garbage (sth.)
    Example: "Κοτζάμ Φεράρι την έβγαλε σκάρτη!"="He says that the Ferrari is garbage!"
  3. Eltheza

    Eltheza Senior Member

    Worcestershire, UK
    English - England (Midlands)

    A variation on a theme:

    Βγαίνω σκάρτο

    Example: 'Το τέτοιο που αγόρασα μου βγήκε σκάρτη!' = 'the thingy/thingummy/whatsit I bought turned out to be crap/faulty/defective/shoddy!'
  4. adber010 Senior Member

    Ah! Your help is far from σκάρτη :) Thanks alot!
  5. Tassos

    Tassos Senior Member

    Both phrases as presented in the above posts cover the subject but have also in mind:

    βγάζω κάτι σκάρτο/(μου) βγάζουν κάτι σκάρτο
    might be about something someone claims to be garbage/shoddy/sh*t in a conversation as Andrious said, but it might also be something someone does in a real situation (i.e. he proves to you that the thing doesn't have any value). Of course the way the phrase is put, it infers a complain or a sentiment of injustice even if someone proves to you that something is worthless (you might not admit it, but you don't believe that it is actually true).

    κάτι (μου) βγαίνει σκάρτο
    This variation of Eltheza is also very common and it is not a claim (it is something that actually happened and there is no doubt about it). Just remember that it is always used in the 3rd person aorist (with the peronal pronoun added for emphasis).

    To put a long story short:

    "Κοτζάμ Φεράρι μου τη βγάλαν σκάρτη!" - I don't actually believe my Ferrari is crap.
    "Αυτό που αγόρασα μου βγήκε σκάρτο!" - Yup, it's crap, nothing I can do about it.

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