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Discussion in 'Ελληνικά (Greek)' started by panettonea, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. panettonea Senior Member

    I've seen the word γεια spelled both with an accent and without. Are both forms equally correct, or does the spelling just depend on the context?
  2. Andrious Senior Member

    Unless I'm terribly mistaken, all the monosyllabic words in greek language get no accent, except a few interrogative ones like "Πού;" or "Πώς;". So I guess "Γειά" is just a bad use of language.
  3. Perseas Senior Member

    No, it does not depend on the context. Γεια is monosyllable, so it should be written without an accent, according to a rule of the monotonic system (orthographical reform of 1982). Few people however still follow the polytonic system (γειά). You have to discern if there is consistency in the polytonic orthography, otherwise it is error.
  4. panettonea Senior Member

    Thanks, Andrious and Perseas. Well, what about this:


    Some of the instances on that page have an accent. So, are the people who compiled the WR dictionary just a bunch of dopes??? :)
  5. Andrious Senior Member

    Well, I just had a look at Triantafyllidis Grammar of Modern Greek and I didn't find something new, except a few more cases of monosyllabic words that do get accent (like "ή"="or").
  6. panettonea Senior Member

    So this is all about as clear as mud, huh? :)
  7. Andrious Senior Member

    Well, I wouldn't say so but let's wait a couple of our other experts just to be sure.
  8. Perseas Senior Member

    From the Concise Modern Grammar by Triandaphyllidis.

    Monosyllables are not written with an accent. (Γεια is monosyllable).
    a. The conjuction ή (or).
    b. The interrogative adverbs πού (where) and πώς (how).
    c. Weak forms of the personal pronoun (μου, σου, του, της, τον,την, το, μας, σας, τους, τα) are written with an accent when there is a possiblity that they be read as enclitics: ο πατέρας μού είπε (= the father told me). <<ο πατέρας μου είπε=my father said>>
  9. panettonea Senior Member

    Thanks. My pocket Collins Gem Greek-English dictionary puts an accent on γεια too, so it seems the editors just ignored what Papa Triandaphyllidis had to say. I guess they never met a rule they didn't want to break. ;)

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