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Τρεις τέσσερις

Discussion in 'Ελληνικά (Greek)' started by omnilingua98, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. omnilingua98 Junior Member

    Turkish - Turkey
    Hello. While I was studying plural nouns with numbers, I saw a kind of chart categorising female and neuter nouns with the numbers. However, I haven't encountered yet any masculine word with a number. As an example, could you please translate "three computers" for me?
  2. Perseas Senior Member


    «ο (ηλεκτρονικός) υπολογιστής» is masculine. (Τhere is also «το κομπιούτερ»)
    «τρεις υπολογιστές» = three computers
    «τέσσερις υπολογιστές» = four computers
  3. sotos Senior Member

    The number one has three genders (ένας, μία , ένα). With 3 and 4, male and female are the same, and neutral is different. e.g. τρείς άνδρες, τρεις γυναίκες, τρία παιδιά. The same with any ν*10+3 or + 4, where ν any natural number. 3 genders have the multiples of 100, bigger than 100 (but not multiples of millions): τριακόσιοι, τριακόσιες, τριακόσια. Χίλιοι, χίλιες, χίλια.
    Very simple.
  4. omnilingua98 Junior Member

    Turkish - Turkey
    Euharisto poli.

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