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Discussion in 'Ελληνικά (Greek)' started by seitt, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. seitt Senior Member


    Please could I run past you some uses of άλλο which I associate with Colloquial Greek?

    Μην το κάνεις άλλο! = Don't do that again!

    Θες κι άλλο γάλα; = Do you want even more milk?

    Please could you correct these if necessary? Am I right in thinking that it's very colloquial usage?

    Best wishes, and many thanks,

  2. Tassos

    Tassos Senior Member

    Don't do that again! is Μην το κάνεις αυτό ξανά! or even better Μην το ξανακάνεις!

  3. hatzi13 Senior Member

    My opinion is that the phrase "do you want even more milk?" is accurate because the greek phrase is an emphatic one.
  4. Αγγελος Senior Member

    It depends in part on the intonation.
    Θες κι άλλο γάλα; (With a strong stress on άλλο) = Do you really want even more milk?
    Θες άλλο γάλα; (With the main stress on Θες and άλλο almost enclitically attached to it) = Do you want more milk? Shall I pour you some more?
  5. Αγγελος Senior Member

    I wouldn't call them "very colloquial". They are perfectly standard, idiomatic usage, suitable for all language registers and usable also with the formal 2nd person plural. A tourist guide could perfectly well say to his client "Μην προχωρείτε άλλο, παρακαλώ" = "Please don't go any further", jsut aas a waiter would say "Θέλετε άλλο γάλα;". "Κι άλλο, κι άλλο!" is one way of saying "Encore!"
  6. seitt Senior Member

    Many thanks - so do I understand rightly that Μην το κάνεις άλλο! (Don't do it again!) is possible, but not ideal, in Modern Greek?

    Btw, it would seem from the above that the name of your beautiful συμπρωτεύουσα can also mean, "Do you want more rent?" ("Θες άλλο νοίκι;")
  7. Tassos

    Tassos Senior Member

    It an awkward way to convey this particular meaning, "Μην το ξανακάνεις" is way better and unambiguous.
  8. seitt Senior Member

    Much obliged!
  9. Αγγελος Senior Member

    That's an old schoolboy joke, like "Ποια πόλη κυλάει;" (answer: Ο Βόλος, homonymous with βώλος).

    Also, note the difference between "Φέρε άλλη μια μπίρα" = "Bring me one more beer" and "Φέρε μια άλλη μπίρα" = "Bring me a different beer, as this one is too warm, stale or whatever."
  10. seitt Senior Member

    Thank you so much for such a useful and interesting contribution.

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