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εκλογές με σταυρό ή με λίστα;

Discussion in 'Ελληνικά (Greek)' started by adber010, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. adber010 Senior Member


    Εκλογές με λίστα αντί σταυρού!

    This I heard someone say in a debate I didn't really grasp the context of it. Can someone explain, please?

  2. Perseas Senior Member


    I copy from the instructions given to citizens by the Ministry of Interior for the last election held in June 2012:

    During the voting process, no preference crosses are placed next to the candidates’ names, since the candidates are elected according to the order of their names, as they appear in the parties’ lists.

    The last election was held with "λίστα", i.e. the order of the candidates' names was determined by the party --they were not placed alphabetically on the ballot paper. The voters had to vote only for parties, not candidates. Previous elections, however, were held with "σταυρό προτίμησης" ("preference cross"), i.e. the names of the candidates are placed alphabetically on the ballot paper and the voters have to put a cross beside the name of the candidate they favour.
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  3. adber010 Senior Member

    Thank you that is very helpful!!

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