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και όπου βρεθείς

Discussion in 'Ελληνικά (Greek)' started by CarlitosMS, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. CarlitosMS Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Hello everybody

    I would like to know the meaning of this expression which appears in thiese verses from "Autostop", by Anna Vissi and Epikouroi.

    Αν θες τον κόσμο να δεις μαζί μου ξεκίνα
    Και κάνε με ωτοστόπ το γύρο της γης
    Μπορείς να πας όπου θες, Ευρώπη ή Κίνα
    Και "γεια Αθήνα" να πεις και όπου βρεθείς

    I would also like to know if και means "even" or "too" or "and" in this context.


    Carlos M.S.
  2. Andrious Senior Member


    I see 2 possible meanings here. First: "...And say "Hi Athens" wherever you go" where "και" doesn't mean anything - it just gives kind of emphasis so it would be ok to say "Και "γεια Αθήνα" να πεις όπου βρεθείς" as well. Second: "...And say "Hi Athens" and go wherever you go".
  3. alfie1888

    alfie1888 Senior Member

    Kent, England
    English - England
    I agree that the και can either be omitted in translation when used for emphasis in Greek but if you want to keep the and in, that's fine, too.

    I would translate it as "(And) say 'Hi, Athens' wherever you might be / you are (if you don't like the sound of the subjunctive in English)". Again, that second και is for emphasis.

    Just out of curiosity, what the hell is an autostop? Is that borrowed from French or something?
  4. ireney

    ireney Modistra

    Greek Greece
    Why does it have to be "Hi Athens" and not "and say 'Goodbye Athens" and (travel/roam/visit/whatever) wherever you end up"? Meaning, "Come with me, hitchhiking can take you anywhere, so say "Goodbye" to Athens and see where the road leads you".
  5. cougr Senior Member

    That's how I read it too.

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