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κόμματος, όμορφος, κούκλος, ωραίο και μανούλι

Discussion in 'Ελληνικά (Greek)' started by Ntwson, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Ntwson

    Ntwson Junior Member

    Γεια σου! I want to say in Greek that the singer Μηδενιστής (Midenistis) is a very attractive man. When I use the word "attractive", I want to say that he is, in my opinion, highly desirable. Through my studies of Greek, I think I have to say "Ο Μηδενιστής είναι κόμματος" but, since I found the words "όμορφος", "κούκλος", "ωραίο" and "μανούλι" I'm not sure about the correct one to use in a way to express the real sense of "very very very very much attractive"... Please, help me with these words! So, I ask:

    1) Is "κόμματος" colloquial or old-fashioned in Greek? Is my sentence correct?

    2) Can I use all words (όμορφος, κούκλος, ωραίο, μανούλι, κόμματος) for men?

    Thank you. Ευχαριστώ.
  2. corajitagrecia New Member

    Γεια σου, Ntwson!

    "Κόμματος" (slang) it is not used very often and it is used for women most of the times.
    "Μανούλι" is also a slang word, it is mostly used for young women, but also for young men.

    "ωραίος", "όμορφος"= good looking man
    "κούκλος"= very handsome, very attractive man
    "κόμματος", "μανούλι", "μανάρι" = (slang words and for both genders) dreamboat, stunner.

    If I were you, I would say: "Ο Μηδενιστής είναι μανάρι!"

    You are welcome! :)
  3. Ntwson

    Ntwson Junior Member

    Γεια σας!
    Hmmmm... I'm not sure! Word Reference shows "μανάρι" as "beautiful woman". I will be more clear: It is a gay male saying about another man, but a straight one. That it is why I can't use feminine gender for Midenistis. By the way, it is offensive for straight guys worldwide, even for me, not straight.
    So, I do not want to be impertinent. Since it is also about me, the speaker, I do not want to make it sound like a promiscuous intention either. I just want to say that Midenistis is very hot in an elegant manner. I mean, he is highly desirable through my eyes! He is my number; perfect in a sexual point of view.
    If you are a native Greek, I tell you the more you want to teach (please!) the most I want you to write about it because I just love this beautiful language and I have tried to learn it as my second language. Some years later and I will be writing it all in Greek. Believe me!
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2013
  4. Live2Learn Junior Member

    English - USA
    Ntwson, why not do a Google image search? Type κούκλος and see what you get. Also, when you type the plural form κούκλοι, look for the gold-colored poster with blue lettering that says Μανάρια Made in Greece, which is the plural form of μανάρι. Αpparently, this term can refer to men, too, which means Corajitagrecia is right.
  5. Andrious Senior Member

    Live2Learn is right. Μανάρι is the fatling. I think noone cares about its gender. But κούκλος (male doll) is more elegant.

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