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μπάλα = κεφάλι ;

Discussion in 'Ελληνικά (Greek)' started by Ancolie, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Ancolie Senior Member


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  2. Perseas Senior Member

    Αντιγράφω από τον σύνδεσμο:
    "Μολύβι": εκτός των άλλων σημαίνει και "σφαίρα, βλήμα όπλου".
    "Μπάλα": θυμάμαι ότι την έχω ακούσει να σημαίνει "μέτωπο". (Πάει όμως πολύς καιρός από τότε)
    Υποθέτω λοιπόν ότι "μολύβι στην μπάλα" σημαίνει "σφαίρα στο μέτωπο".
  3. Timothy1987 Junior Member

    Melbourne, Australia
    English - Australia
    Perseas, we just had a thread explaining how to use proper Greek quotation marks, stop contributing to the problem.

    Ancolie, where did you find this?
  4. Ancolie Senior Member

    Καρυστιάνη, Καιρός Σκεπτικός, Η Σούλα δεν το βάζει κάτω, σελ. 50
  5. sotos Senior Member

    One explanation is that "μπάλα" means "head", although I've never heared of this. The other is that "bala" means the type projectile (bullet) or the ammunition. In this case may mean a single massive lead bullet, ususually used for large game, as opposed to the small shot (beads) used for hunting small animals. The w. "bala" as "bullet" or "shell" is preserved in some parts of Greece, e.g. in Crete "balothia" (a shot).
  6. Ancolie Senior Member

    Ναι, αλλά δεν ταιριάζει με το κείμενο !

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