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Discussion in 'Ελληνικά (Greek)' started by Egyptiotissa, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Egyptiotissa Junior Member

    I am looking for a single-word English equivalent of "παράγων" as in "ο Τάδε είναι σημαντικός παράγων της οικονομικής ζωής του τόπου". I have searched in synonym dictionaries etc. but have not found anything satisfactory ("agent"? No.).
    "movers and shakers" is almost exactly the perfect equivalent but it's too informal for the type of text I'm working with, plus --unless I'm wrong-- we normally use it in the plural. (I suppose I could bypass this by saying "he is of of the movers and shakers... " but , as I said, it's too informal.). So, any thoughts?
  2. Αγγελος Senior Member

    "actor" is sometimes used in that sense, isn't it?
  3. Egyptiotissa Junior Member

    As in "he is an important actor of/in..."...? I don't think so. "Contributor" comes to mind but still...:confused:
  4. Perseas Senior Member

    Element, factor.
  5. Live2Learn Junior Member

    English - USA
    So-and-so is an important player in the economic life of...
  6. Egyptiotissa Junior Member

    Thank you, Perseas, but, as I mention in my initial message, I am looking for a word that can be used for a person. Can't say "so-and so is an important factor/element...".
  7. cougr Senior Member

    I agree with Live2learn. Key player is also a common collocation that could be used as another option for σημαντικός παράγων.
  8. Mariana94

    Mariana94 Junior Member

    What about "He plays/holds a key role in regional financial affairs" - a rather roundabout way of expressing it, I have to admit, but still, why not?
  9. Egyptiotissa Junior Member

    Live2Learn and Cougr: Yes, "key/important/major player" could be my best option. :thumbsup:

    Mariana94: your suggestion is perfectly allright, it's just that I was looking for some economy in phrasing. :eek:

    My thanks to all! :)

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