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ως δια μαγίας;

Discussion in 'Ελληνικά (Greek)' started by adber010, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. adber010 Senior Member


    I was watching Ενικος on youtube and the host said something like this in a discussion about euro and drachma:

    "...έχει δημιουργηθεί αίσθηση σε πολλούς, εγώ ακούω τουλάχιστον, ότι θα επιστρέψει στη δραχμή κανείς και ως διαμαγίας θα λυθούν όλα τα ζητήματα"

    And I was a little bit confused about the ως διαμαγίας. Can you help me?:)
  2. Live2Learn Junior Member

    English - USA
    ως δια μαγείας = as if by magic
  3. Perseas Senior Member

    Yes, this is a fixed expression which belongs to katharevousa but has been preserved in the modern speech. The choice of that expression elevates the style. In the daily communication one could alternatively use e.g. "με μαγικό τρόπο".
  4. adber010 Senior Member

    Ah! Very enlightening. Thanks!!:)

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