Мы не кольцами менялися, Не клятвами клялись

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    Mrs. Forero and I are trying to get lyrics to Чёрная Шаль from a YouTube of Vera Brynner. We also found a link with several lyrics versions that don't seem to agree with what this artist sings.

    The printed lyrics we found are:

    Мы не кольцами решали,
    Мы не клятвами клялись.

    And what we think we hear is:

    Мы не кольцами меhинялись,
    Не клатвами кались.

    So what we think we ought to hear is:

    Мы не кольцами менялися,
    Не клятвами клялись.

    Is this last version right? If so, why would я keep sounding like а, and why would -ся sound like -сь?
  2. rushalaim Senior Member

    Poetry. Sometimes rules are breaking for the rhyme.
  3. rusita preciosa

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    Either the first or the last option sound OK (the last one a bit better). The second does not make any sense, mostly because there ano such words as меhинялись and кались.

    I agree with rushalaim re: -ся / -сь

    I don't know why "-ся" sounds to you like "-ca". It could be your interpretation, or may be that particular singer's pronounciation.
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    Большое спасибо обе.
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    Pardon me.
  7. Healer New Member

    Could you just give us the link to this video?)
  8. Forero Senior Member

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    It can be found several places < Sorry, links to YouTube are not allowed (forum rule 4) >.

    My wife and I are in a balalaika club, and it would be nice if we could sing some of the songs we play. :)
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  9. Maroseika Moderator

    I've listened to Vera Brynner and must admit her pronunciation is a bit specific, partially due to old-fashioned and "theatre" language (and that is why -са instead of -ся), partially - just her own manner. To say the truth, I'd hardly make out some words without without having written text.
  10. rushalaim Senior Member

    Yeah, indeed, her accent sounds strange. Cause Russian is not her native language.
  11. Maroseika Moderator

    Why, if she is the sister of Yul Bryner, Russian was her native language, and actually it sounds very similar to what I heard from the people left Russia after October revolution (corrected for theatricality, of course).

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