О ком/чём vs про кого/что.

Discussion in 'Русский (Russian)' started by franknagy, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. franknagy Senior Member

    Respected Advisors:
    The "o ком" was taught maybe in the first or second year when we started to learn Russian in the school.
    I have met "про кого" much later I don't no when but neither in the elementary nor the secondary school.
    When does the living use Russian speech for the preposition "about" = "o ком/чём" and when "про кого/что" ?

  2. Maroseika Moderator

    This is too common question, but if you refer to something like говорить о vs говорить про, I think in many cases they have very close meaning, but maybe we can notice at least one distinction:

    Про кого/что rather presumes some specific news about someone or something or its feature, while о ком/чем - more common news:

    Я узнал о Васе - он инженер.
    Я узнал про Васю - он завтра не придет.

    Экскурсовод рассказывал нам про Пушкина - some cases about Pushkin.
    Экскурсовод рассказывал нам о Пушкине - about his life and work in general.

    In some cases "про" instead of "о" sounds a bit colloquial or "schoolish".
  3. CKM367 Senior Member

    The difference between "о ком" and "про кого" is slightest and refers to style only. A foreigner would better think nothing of it.
  4. Maroseika Moderator

    Let's leave it up to the foreigner to decide what to think of? If he is asking, he does want know and should get as clear answer as possible.
  5. franknagy Senior Member

    Thank you, Maroseika for the explanation.
    It is as clear as crystal.

  6. Saluton Senior Member

    Moscow, Russia
    The basic distinction between о and про is that про is informal while о is not. I would have even said про is an informal equivalent of о if it hadn't been for Maroseika's explanation. It's true that о does not usually refer to "small" cases, but not the other way round. Рассказывать про Пушкина can also refer to his life and work and я узнал про Васю - он инженер is also correct.
  7. CKM367 Senior Member

    Let him decide and let me advise him.

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