ПѪЙNѢ - old Romanian writing?

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    Hi everyone,

    Can someone tell me in which language is the word in the image?
    The word seems to have a mix of Latin and Cyrillic alphabet but the second letter is foreign to me.
    It should say "bread".


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  2. 123xyz

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    I am not sure, but I can make a guess.

    It seems that the word is the Romanian word "pâinea", meaning "the bread", written in the Cyrillic alphabet. The Romanians used a Cyrillic alphabet at one point and from what I gather, there was a transition period when they used a mixture of Latin and Cyrillic letters before fully adopting a Latin alphabet. Based on what I've read, the big yus (the second letter), was used to represent the close central unrounded vowel, while the yat (the last letter) was used to represent the sequence "ea". I don't know if the mixture of Latin and Cyrillic letters used at any one point allowed for the particular combination of Latin and Cyrillic letters that can be seen in your picture, but it is possible that it did.

    Alternatively, it may be another language (or dialect) related to Romanian or it may be a mistake. I hope this helps, anyway.
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    I moved the thread into the Romanian forum since most likely it's old Romanian writing. Also I changed the title to the actual word, in keeping with the WR dictionary pages.


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